I’m Jackie Evans (Jac) – owner and illustrator here at Jac’s Little Welsh Studio.

All my life I’ve drawn things. In the early nineties (oo that makes me feel old) I studied both Graphic Design and Illustration. Then I got a “proper job”. (I mean, really what exactly is a proper job!)

About 3 years ago, I started doodling, just the odd sketch. Then one day, I put one on Facebook, and someone asked what I would charge. That was when I thought, actually this is want I really want to do. And so – my Little Welsh Studio was born.

Since then the studio has grown more than I can imagine, I have now sold artwork across the globe, and been honoured to have worked with a local artist on two children’s books.

Fuelled by numerous cups of coffee and the odd slice of cake, I just love creating work that brings a smile to people’s faces.

And that’s me – making the world a happier place, one doodle at a time!


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