So – every now and again, my body throws a wobbly. It decides I have done too much and that it doesn’t want to do anything more. This week was one of those times. I started the week a bit tired, and it just got worse. Thoughts got muddled, mistakes were made. Then, finally, my body decided enough was enough and that hibernation was the only thing to do.

Queue feeling freezing cold, no matter how many layers you wear (indoors, with central heating I may add), feeling too tired to pick up a book or even a magazine. The inability to string a whole sentence together without the words being jumbled. And (the worst bit) – the inability to doodle. (I had nether the energy to hold a pencil, nor any spark of imagination.

In fact – the only thing you can do is sleep.

Sometimes PJ's and Slippers is the only acceptable way to dress.

Sometimes PJ’s and Slippers is the only acceptable way to dress.

14 hours sleep on the first night. Finally you do manage to get up, reach the sofa… a bit of a nap (OK another hour or so)… it’s not a pretty sight I imagine – this pyjama wearing grumpy thing dragging itself around the house – just about managing sofa – kettle – back to sofa.

One day I managed to doze off while making soup (cooking real food is good for you they say)… Well, I can tell you it is in fact possible to burn soup, a feat I never though was possible 🙁 (Thank goodness for working smoke alarms!)

I’ve never really figured out why this happens – lots of theories – nothing conclusive. But it does – and all I can do is to what my body blinking well says – cos I can’t do a thing about it!

Now I don’t want this to sound all doom and gloom – because it really isn’t. There are benefits…

On the plus side, I caught up on a few films. Most films were children’s ones that require little in the way of real concentration – which is fab, because how often do we get an excuse to watch kids films all day (especially when you have no children lol!)

I save a lot of money – I can’t drive, so no fuel costs, I can’t drag myself round the shops, I can’t even be bothered internet shopping – so I am guessing bank managers the world over are jumping for joy (not so much the shop keepers).

And when my body decides it’s caught up again, it gives me back my imagination. Soooo many ideas come flooding in. This has to be the best part 🙂

I know I am back once I can pick up that pencil and draw again.

So – watch out for doodles, new projects and interesting social media updates.

This “hibernation” doesn’t happen all that often, once every two – three months, and lasts only a couple of days. I’ve never been able to predict accurately when it will happen, so it has become one of life’s little “adventures” – and I’ll be sure to take you along with me – especially the new ideas part.

I guess the moral of the story is – listen to your body. It knows what it’s doing! And maybe learn to slow down… but I’m not quite ready for that yet!

(Oh – and check your smoke alarm, You never know when you might burn the soup!)

So – I’m off to the drawing board to get some of these ideas from my head to paper. Talk to you all again soon!

Love Jac xx

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