I like lists. I like notebooks. I like the security of writing things down. (Especially after a major computer problem which meant a complete reset and rebuild of my PC!)

Trouble is, I write things down on anything. I have about 4 or 5 notebooks on the go, as I can never find the same one two days running. I have notes on bits of paper held in a “safe” place (probably never to be seen again..) .

I have scribbles on post it notes – some of which are stuck inside the notebooks that I cannot find…

So I decided I really had to do something about. I tried planners I had printed from the interweb thingy, a filofax (that was good for a while, but was getting expensive for all of the refills..) and just keeping a diary (which was ok, but restrictive as you had to know when you wanted to do everything)

I had heard mention of bullet journaling and seen a few cute pictures on the likes of pinterest and wondered if that would be good for me. (To be honest initially it just looked liked another excuse to doodle)

If you don’t know what a Bullet Journal is you can google it for a detailed explanation, but for me it is a place where I can record everything in ONE place. It’s paper based. (I am sure there are electronic versions, but I love my paper) and it is easy to do.

All you need is a notebook (there are some in my Etsy shop.. ;)) and pens/pencils. Some people have stickers in there. You may also want little sticky tab things to mark key pages.

You can record what you like in it (again google, you tube and Pinterest will help with ideas – but some of the common components are “future logs” – so a page for each month, each week, each day if you like (you don’t have to add them all at the start.. they can be added as you go, because of the magical index), plus pages for “collections” – for me that includes Illustration Ideas, Places I would like to Visit, Books I would like to read. Oh – and my list of where I have put things in a safe place! !

A page from my bullet journal

A good excuse for more doodles

But the key thing (for me anyway) is the index. Instead of having to flick through the book, I just look at the index and go straight there. Yep – simples,  yet I had not even considered it in previous notebooks 😀

I am not using mine as a diary, or to track my fitness, as I have electronic things to track those (more obsessions), but that’s the beauty of it – it’s completely flexible.

Ok –  so I am new to this. The novelty might wear off. But for now I am embracing the whole concept – it will be interesting to see if it makes me more organised and  whether it helps me remember a few more things 🙂 I am sure I will update you at some point.

Thanks once again for putting up with the waffle!

Lots of love, Jac xx

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