Well – I have made it half way through the first week of my De-Chox challenge, to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. The first couple of days were no real challenge, but as the week goes on I am finding it more difficult. (but it’s OK, as Ted is holding all the chocolate hostage until the challenge is over).

Ted’s holding all my chocolate to ransom

Supermarkets – they are the worst. Everywhere you look there is chocolate – especially at this time of year: those great big shiny Easter eggs keep calling. (The worse thing is I normally don’t bother with Easter Eggs at all!)

But the donations so far are really helping. Yesterday I sneaked just over my original £150 target – so now aiming for £200 as I’ve still a few people I can “persuade” I think. (O and I must thank my dentist Warren Davies for his contribution – this has to be one challenge dentists can really approve of!)

Studio wise it’s busy too – my first notebooks practically flew out the door, so will be making more of those ASAP – and my hand painted keyrings are proving popular too, which is great.

I have a craft fair this weekend in my home town of Llanelli – really look forward to that. (Do get in touch if you’d like more info on that).

Anyway – lots to do – so will get on now. Speak to you all soon, and for more regular updates do follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks, Jac xx

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