A Day Trip

Hello All

I’m back again! Sorry I missed you all last week, but every bear needs a little time off. And both Jac and I had a day off together last week, so we hopped on a train to Swansea. Jac said we were going to an Art Gallery and Museum – the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, which has just been reopened.

Well, I didn’t know what that was, but Jac promised I would like it. And she was right – it was a big building just full of lots of things to look at. There was painting and shiny things, and even videos.

But the best thing was a room full of sketches by someone called Leonardo da Vinci – there were pages from sketchbooks, and the work was amazing. Jac said this was a special exhibition, something we’d possibly never see again, so she made sure to read all the information. After we had looked at everything, Jac bought me a book with all the pictures we had seen – copies of the sketchbook pages, so that I can look at it whenever I want. Jac says she likes things like that for inspiration, I can see why!


Leonardo da Vinci - 10 drawings from the Royal Collection
Leonardo da Vinci – 10 drawings from the Royal Collection

After the museum, we went for a lovely coffee, and enjoyed an evening out.

The next day both of us were raring to get to the drawing board – I love watching jac at work. This week she has been working on so many different things – there has been giraffes, and cars – and little old ladies. Apparently next week there will be donkeys and doves, it’s all very exciting.

Now I am afraid I must sign off, as I need to get my Halloween costume ready!

Theodore.E.Bear - Wizard extraordinaire!
Theodore.E.Bear – Wizard extraordinaire!

Till next week then



PS – don’t forget, you can buy from Jac on Etsy, and also see work in progress through Facebook and Instagram.

I’m Still Here!

Can anyone explain why it is so hard to write a blog? Honestly – each time I write I say “I must do that more often”, and then I can’t think what to write about. So today, I just opened up the computer and here I am typing.

It has been so busy here at Jac’s – I am exciting to say my Little Welsh Studio is really starting to grow. Lots of orders on the go at the moment for custom cards and pictures – weddings, birthday’s, new babies – people still love that personal touch.

I’ve also done a lot of extra work bringing my online shop up to date, so there will always be items in stock that you can buy – from a special card to a keyring, I hope I can help you find that perfect item for that very special person.

One things i have noticed is how much sunshine affects me – all this extra daylight has seen me being more creative and lots of new designs are in the pipeline – so do keep an eye out on my various social media channels.

Not much more news – but coming up on the drawing board this week are lots of animals, teddy bears and a wedding… (card, not an actual wedding – although that would be fun :)). Jac is going to be a busy bee over the next few weeks.

Busy Buzzy Bee by Jackie Evans
Busy Buzzy Bee by Jackie Evans

As always, you can track progress on Instagram and Facebook. I really look forward to seeing you there!

Till next time – Love Jac xx

How time flies!

23rd January. What – really – already? Time really does fly when you are having fun!

So far January has been an amazing month for Jac.

Normally January is quiet, but already I have booking for commissions all the way through to December, and membership to Jac’s Colouring Club has proved to be popular. (Click here for details on that).

The Daily Doodle is another hit – the best place to see them is my Facebook page, one new doodle, every day, just for fun. In the end I’ll have 366 of them – and perhaps some will be developed into illustrations or printed items. (If you have a favourite, do let me know!)

I’m currently working on Valentine’s day items – as well as commissions for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. It will soon be time to start Mother’s Day items too!

Smile and be happy
Start every day with a smile

I have always loved drawing – and now I know that my drawings can bring a smile to people’s faces, it makes it all the more special.

Ooo – I almost forgot – you can now find me on Instagram too!

Until next time then,

Love Jac xxx

The Creative Mind…

Having a creative mind is great. It helps me see the good in things – I’ll notice a patch of blue sky on a dull day, the bright green of grass when it rains. I see shapes in the clouds (something my other half scoffs at often – not so much of a creative mind there – very logical – one of us has to be!).

The downside of a creative brain is that it’s always whirring, and it’s very difficult to slow it down! My mind is almost constantly thinking of new ideas for doodles and illustrations.

My artwork is done in stages – I draw it, then add watercolour, which has to dry….. and while it dries, I’ll draw something else…. and so it goes. I’ll normally have at least 3 on the go at one time.

But – the creative mind is also unpredictable. Sometimes I start a piece, but just can’t get the oomph to complete it, or I will have a busy spell with commissions, so I don’t get back to the personal pieces for a while. They sit there waiting for me.

Last weekend, I had a bit of clear out in the studio and found a box of those half finished pieces. It was quite exciting, looking through them – some I’d forgotten all about, some were just started, some almost complete.

Peek a Boo!
Peek a Boo!

So my challenge at the moment is to finish them all, and get them ready for sale (no good to anyone in the drawer!).

This little piggy...
This little piggy…

I’ll be posting each one on my Facebook page as I finish it so please do keep an eye out on there. And if you see one you like, just message me. (Or if you would like to commission your very own original piece, so please get in touch).

Until next time

Jac xx

The Great British Weather

What is it with people and the weather. Why do we all talk about it so much? Is it just a British thing, or is it a worldwide thing?

Certainly, here in Wales I suspect it’s because it’s so changeable! Especially recently. Recently, we have pretty much all 4 seasons in a day (sometimes in an hour I reckon).

What I have noticed is how it affects people’s moods. We’ve just had a sunny spell – where everyone was all smiley and happy – the bright summer clothes came out (well mine did at least!).

When we had it for a few days – people got a little tired and grumpy (not used to prolonged hot weather here, are we?!). Then it rained – all of a sudden people are moaning. I even caught myself mid moan – but dragged myself back from the brink!

My artwork is also influenced by the weather – but not in the way people expect. Many people paint grey things on grey days. Not me. The more dull and grey it gets – the more colour I want to add – when the sky outside is grey I love to paint blue skies and flowers. And I post those on social media, hoping to bring a bit of sunshine to everyone’s rainy day 🙂

Smile and be happy
Start every day with a smile

Now, here in Wales, it rains a lot (hence the brightly coloured art all the time!). I suppose I could be sad about that. But if it didn’t rain, then Wales wouldn’t be so lovely and green now would it? (and then what would the sheep eat? AND Tom Jones couldn’t have sung the Green, Green Grass of Home could he?).

What I am saying is – don’t be sad because the sun doesn’t shine.

Don’t be sad – because without the rain we wouldn’t have rainbows, without the rain our gardens wouldn’t burst into bloom.

And anyway – a rain shower is ever such a good to excuse to duck into a café for a cuppa and slice of cake – erm, I mean shelter 🙂

So – whatever the weather in the next week – keep smiling 🙂

Till next week then – Love Jac xx


I appear to becoming obsessed.

With capturing images – I can’t go anywhere without a camera! From flowers by the side of the road, to rooftops  – through to stunning views (and I’ve seen a lot of them lately!), I am constantly snapping away.

I think I am afraid to miss something – if I see something that catches my eye it sparks my imagination. So many ideas and so little time means I feel the need to collect them – albeit in digital form, to use later.

And it’s not just what I take pictures of that is inspiring for me – it also how I take them.

Capturing Work in ProgressMy husband always moans when we upload pictures after a day out or a few days away, as nearly every one of mine will be sideways so need rotating. Worse than that (in his view) they will be at a “jaunty” angle – so that no amount of rotating will see that picture straight. I guess I am a nightmare for those with an obsession for straight lines!

I love getting close up to the subject – especially flowers, to really capture the detail – which I guess is similar to my artwork, in which I love to add the extra details – the toadstool, the snail – or the patch on a teddies behind (cheeky!).

Hand drawn and painted pretty wedding cake

And now, I am thinking about how I can combine this new found love of snapping images with me art work. I’m starting to think how I can use my ideas to improve the images I take of my art, of my products so that you all really see the best of them. It’s like I want the photo of my artwork to almost be art in itself.

And that is where I am today – snapping away in the studio, all my recent pieces of art strewn (well delicately placed) all over the place – props lined up – ready for their close up. Expect to see some experiments – some I am sure will work well – some no doubt not so much. But, I will share lots and I hope you will all let me know what you think. I’ll use the best ones here on my website – and if you want to see more, do join me over on my Facebook page – I’d love to see you there!

Till next time.

Jac x





Busy, Busy!


People often say to me – you are so busy all the time – don’t you ever stop?

Well – the answer is yes – sometimes. But then I get bored (or fall asleep). I much prefer to be be busy – whether that’s doing things at home – being out and about – or working in the studio.

Recently it’s been all about the studio. I’ve had a little flurry of commissions come through – all so individual and such fun to work on. Over the last week or so I’ve worked on wedding pieces, new baby creations and a number of very special birthdays. I just love getting these orders – learning about other people’s interest and what is important to them. We are all so different!

Last week saw me drawing bagpipes, bears, yoga, cats, tea, jewellery, scuba divers…. and it goes on. You really can’t get more diverse!

And then of course, there is my ongoing work for my online Etsy store and Facebook customers – and I’m currently preparing for a few craft fairs.  It’s been a mad mixture of birthdays, Halloween and Christmas – a doodler could be easily confused. Merry Birthday everyone 😉

Very special birthday card
Very special birthday card

And just to bring the week to a brilliant close, I had my first firm Christmas order at the weekend and a very exciting large commission piece confirmed – happy days. If you need me, I’ll be in my studio….

Hand Drawn Christmas Gift Tags
Hand Drawn Christmas Gift Tags

(But you can also find me on 28th September at the Made it Market in Neath, and on the 5th of October I’ll be at the Llanelli Craft and Gift Fair ).

Hedgehogs, Allotments and Ballet

Horace the Hedgehog by JacHi Everyone – I’m Horace Hedgehog. I live, with my family, in a log cabin at the end of the garden at Number 12. And of course, this week my family and I are the stars of the Daily Doodle Featured Creature series on Jac’s Studio facebook page.

I first met Jac when she doodled my cousin Hubert, who was sheltering from one of those April showers. (They can play havoc withour spikes you know).

I was thrilled when she told me that her FB fans had chosen hedgehogs as a week long feature, and I was only to happy to help her with her doodling. (I often see her sitting on the patio with her sketchbook in hand – now I am actually in that sketchbook!).

So – what can I say about me. Well – I am married to the wonderful Henrietta (who you may have met) and dad to two wonderful children Hugo and Holly. I love my allotment – and weather permiting spend lots of time there – when I am not taking the kids to band practice, ballet, karate (and of course school!) – it’s a bit manic here at times. But Henrietta keeps us all organised and ship shape!

I know Jac has lots of doodles to show you throughout the week – we are featured until Saturday when a new feature creature will be chosen – but Jac has already said she’d love me to be in some future adventures,  so do keep following her. I for one can’t wait to see what creature is featured next week!

This weeks blog guest, Horace Hedgehog and his family, featured in doodles from 23rd to 29th June. Tune into my FB page every day at 6pm UK time for a dose of Daily Doodles.
Jac xx