Be Happy – Stay Happy

So, the last week or two I have been a bit under the weather. Nothing serious, but enough that I had to take a tiny break. But I soon missed the drawing board and was itching to get back.

Whilst laid low, there was little to do nut watch TV, which included the news. And that’s when you realise what a terrible place our world can be, and that being a little under the weather isn’t at all bad on the grand scheme.

It also reminded me why I started the Little Welsh Studio – and the mission of the Little Welsh Studio – To Make the World a Happier Place. One doodle at a time.

Smile and be happy
Start every day with a smile

It’s easy to get caught up in the sales side (I do need to earn some money after all) – but at the basis is always that fact that I create bright, fun work to make me smile – and to make others smile. Just a little happiness in a world where the media takes bad news global (bad news sells more apparently).

My aim is not to ignore the plight of others, or try to pretend that bad things do not happen – but it is to try to bring a little balance. Good things also happen. People are allowed to – and are entitled to – be happy.

So – if you feel a little bit down – you know that you can pop onto Jac’s many social media platforms and you will find something, even something very small, that will make you smile, even if it’s just a little, just for a while.

Be happy everyone – you deserve it xxx

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Can Anyone Slow Down Time?

OK – how did we get to nearly the end of April? I am sure it was February a blink ago!! Time just keeps on flying!

When I last wrote I had just signed up for my diploma in Art Therapy. I have to report that study is happening – but very slowly. Well, I say that – formal study is going slow, because I keep finding interesting articles on the benefits of art to well being (I convince myself they will be useful foe my essays πŸ™‚ ).

The other things that I have found is good for well being is sunshine. The sun has recently made an appearance here – after lots and lots of rain – and it makes such a huge difference to everything! Everyone is happier – more positive. It’s hard to stay grumpy on a sunny day.

Smile and be happy
Start every day with a smile

The sun has also found me in the garden – which also appears to be good for me. Something about creating a peaceful space out of a pile of weeds is very rewarding – not to mention the calories you can burn doing a bit of weeding!?

Gardening can be so addictive!
Gardening can be so addictive!

The problem is – gardening is addictive, and eats into your time. Time when you should be studying!

So – if anyone can just find a way to slow down time for me, I might just get the garden complete and pass my diploma! Or, I suppose I could just focus more…

Let’s see how things go – I will update you soon πŸ™‚ Don’t forget you can find me over on Facebook and Instagram too!

Till next time – be happy, stay positive xx

Love Jac xx

The Great British Weather

What is it with people and the weather. Why do we all talk about it so much? Is it just a British thing, or is it a worldwide thing?

Certainly, here in Wales I suspect it’s because it’s so changeable! Especially recently. Recently, we have pretty much all 4 seasons in a day (sometimes in an hour I reckon).

What I have noticed is how it affects people’s moods. We’ve just had a sunny spell – where everyone was all smiley and happy – the bright summer clothes came out (well mine did at least!).

When we had it for a few days – people got a little tired and grumpy (not used to prolonged hot weather here, are we?!). Then it rained – all of a sudden people are moaning. I even caught myself mid moan – but dragged myself back from the brink!

My artwork is also influenced by the weather – but not in the way people expect. Many people paint grey things on grey days. Not me. The more dull and grey it gets – the more colour IΒ want to add – when the sky outside is grey I love to paint blue skies and flowers. And I post those on social media, hoping to bring a bit of sunshine to everyone’s rainy day πŸ™‚

Smile and be happy
Start every day with a smile

Now, here in Wales, it rains a lot (hence the brightly coloured art all the time!). I suppose I could be sad about that. But if it didn’t rain, then Wales wouldn’t be so lovely and green now would it? (and then what would the sheep eat?Β AND Tom Jones couldn’t have sung the Green, Green Grass of Home could he?).

What I am saying is – don’t be sad because the sun doesn’t shine.

Don’t be sad – because without the rain we wouldn’t have rainbows, without the rain our gardens wouldn’t burst into bloom.

And anyway – a rain shower is ever such a good to excuse toΒ duck into a cafΓ© for a cuppa and slice of cake – erm, I mean shelter πŸ™‚

So – whatever the weather in the next week – keep smiling πŸ™‚

Till next week then – Love Jac xx

Mmmm – Food, Glorious Food

Well – my quest to lead a simpler, happy life continues. Over the last week, my simple pleasure has been food – cooking and enjoy good home made and wholesome food.

I think most people who have followed Jac’s antics for a while have already realised that I rather like food (especially sweet things like cake and chocolate), and I have always enjoyed cooking. But when life starts to get hectic, it’s all too easy to turn to convenience food – chuck in a jar of sauce here and there, the ping of the microwave – that style of β€œcooking” has been more common at Chez Evans recently than the sound of vegetable chopping, or onions sizzling.

But then I read an article on the web (the BBC Dish it up website), which made me realise I could really be missing out.

According to that article, the amount of time we spend cooking has almost halved since 1993, During the same period, the number of stress-connected illnesses has doubled.

Could there be a link I wondered?

So – I set myself a challenge to only use fresh ingredients, to make every meal from scratch. Yes, I thought, it might be a struggle (I do have a β€œday job” as well as running the studio) – I may have to be more organised – but, it had to be worth a go. And wow- has it been worth it! I rediscovered my love of pottering around the kitchen (U found that I kept the kitchen tidier had more pride in it) and produced some lovely meals – all of which I believe tasted so much better than their more processed alternatives.

And most recipes were surprisingly quick – they didn’t take any more time than the jar of sauce option

I even had a go at baking (yes – me!). OK – it was only flapjack – Mary Berry need not feel threatened just yet. But, even if I do say so myself it was rather nice – and without any nasty additives!

I am now not only more relaxed but have more energy – so more time in the studio. And Ted loves it too!

So go on – give cooking a whirl if you have been stuck in a fast food rut – you may surprise yourself! And if you need added incentive – you can burn calories while you cook (43 every 15mins according to the same BBC website – I reckon it could be more if you dance round the kitchen at the same time!)

Ted loves cooking
Ted enjoyed my cooking challenge

Next week – the challenge to walk more – whatever the weather.

See you then – Love Jac xx