Keep on Running (or at least brisk walking)

Wow – June. That came round quick.

But then May was a busy month. The busiest yet for Jac’s Little Welsh Studio – with commission orders now in the books all through summer and beyond. (in fact there are a couple in there for December!)

The Little Welsh Studio on Etsy has also started to pick up – I have now had approval to put my printed items on there, so will be able to add my full range (when I find some extra time lol!). (You can already find Olivia Owl on there, she was quick to land!)

Olivia Owl by The Little Welsh Studio
Olivia Owl has landed at the Little Welsh Studio

But personally, it was busy too – as I took part in a charity “event”. Outrun May was a challenge set by MacMillan Cancer Support. The idea was to set a figure and run (or walk) that many miles during the month of May. I picked 70 miles. (Nope, I don’t know why – it just seemed like a good number).

I dusted off my trainers, and every single day in May I went for a run or a walk, or a mix of the two. I found at least 20 mins in every single day where I could get out there and get those feet and legs moving.

And you know what – I did it. 70 miles. (Well, 72 actually). And I feel so much better for it. I rediscovered paths I hadn’t walked n a while. I saw flowers spring up, heard birds singing. I even saw a small deer on one walk.

O yes – with the help of friends and family, £135 was raised for MacMillan Cancer Support.

And now that May is over I can relax. Slow down. Re-acquaint with the sofa.

Yes, of course I could – but then again, I could keep on running (or at least brisk walking). I could get fitter, get some more fresh air, see more of nature.

I think I know which I will choose…. pass me my trainers will you? 🙂

Till next time – Love Jac xx

 PS – don’t forget to check Facebook and Instagram for the latest news from the studio 


I’m Still Here!

Can anyone explain why it is so hard to write a blog? Honestly – each time I write I say “I must do that more often”, and then I can’t think what to write about. So today, I just opened up the computer and here I am typing.

It has been so busy here at Jac’s – I am exciting to say my Little Welsh Studio is really starting to grow. Lots of orders on the go at the moment for custom cards and pictures – weddings, birthday’s, new babies – people still love that personal touch.

I’ve also done a lot of extra work bringing my online shop up to date, so there will always be items in stock that you can buy – from a special card to a keyring, I hope I can help you find that perfect item for that very special person.

One things i have noticed is how much sunshine affects me – all this extra daylight has seen me being more creative and lots of new designs are in the pipeline – so do keep an eye out on my various social media channels.

Not much more news – but coming up on the drawing board this week are lots of animals, teddy bears and a wedding… (card, not an actual wedding – although that would be fun :)). Jac is going to be a busy bee over the next few weeks.

Busy Buzzy Bee by Jackie Evans
Busy Buzzy Bee by Jackie Evans

As always, you can track progress on Instagram and Facebook. I really look forward to seeing you there!

Till next time – Love Jac xx

Hello February!

Well hello February! It seems only yesterday we were welcoming in the New Year….

It’s been a great start to the year – I think I mentioned last time that January was going to be busy with orders, and it looks like February is starting off the same way. Time really does fly when you are having fun.

So what is the plan this month?

Well – I’m working a number of card orders, for lots of different occasions. And I have stock to build up for a craft fair later this month at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. (Their St David’s Day event is on the 28th February, it would be amazing to see some of you there).

So far, I have orders for bunny rabbits, hedgehogs and frogs, and have an idea for some fruit and vegetable characters. You can, as always follow my progress on my Facebook page – and I’ll try to get some pictures on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. (there really is no escaping me now!).

Example of introductory bundle
Example of introductory bundle

Today I’m e-mailing the February colour sheet to the members of Jac’s Colouring Club – you can sign up to that any time, do contact me for further information.

How time flies!

23rd January. What – really – already? Time really does fly when you are having fun!

So far January has been an amazing month for Jac.

Normally January is quiet, but already I have booking for commissions all the way through to December, and membership to Jac’s Colouring Club has proved to be popular. (Click here for details on that).

The Daily Doodle is another hit – the best place to see them is my Facebook page, one new doodle, every day, just for fun. In the end I’ll have 366 of them – and perhaps some will be developed into illustrations or printed items. (If you have a favourite, do let me know!)

I’m currently working on Valentine’s day items – as well as commissions for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. It will soon be time to start Mother’s Day items too!

Smile and be happy
Start every day with a smile

I have always loved drawing – and now I know that my drawings can bring a smile to people’s faces, it makes it all the more special.

Ooo – I almost forgot – you can now find me on Instagram too!

Until next time then,

Love Jac xxx

The Creative Mind…

Having a creative mind is great. It helps me see the good in things – I’ll notice a patch of blue sky on a dull day, the bright green of grass when it rains. I see shapes in the clouds (something my other half scoffs at often – not so much of a creative mind there – very logical – one of us has to be!).

The downside of a creative brain is that it’s always whirring, and it’s very difficult to slow it down! My mind is almost constantly thinking of new ideas for doodles and illustrations.

My artwork is done in stages – I draw it, then add watercolour, which has to dry….. and while it dries, I’ll draw something else…. and so it goes. I’ll normally have at least 3 on the go at one time.

But – the creative mind is also unpredictable. Sometimes I start a piece, but just can’t get the oomph to complete it, or I will have a busy spell with commissions, so I don’t get back to the personal pieces for a while. They sit there waiting for me.

Last weekend, I had a bit of clear out in the studio and found a box of those half finished pieces. It was quite exciting, looking through them – some I’d forgotten all about, some were just started, some almost complete.

Peek a Boo!
Peek a Boo!

So my challenge at the moment is to finish them all, and get them ready for sale (no good to anyone in the drawer!).

This little piggy...
This little piggy…

I’ll be posting each one on my Facebook page as I finish it so please do keep an eye out on there. And if you see one you like, just message me. (Or if you would like to commission your very own original piece, so please get in touch).

Until next time

Jac xx

Phew! It’s Christmas (almost!)

Phew – what a busy few weeks! I do apologise for neglecting all my Blog followers – and I must thank Ted for stepping in last week (I couldn’t do this job without him!)

It’s been Christmas in the studio since August – but these last 2-3 weeks have been the busiest, with commission pieces and preparations for craft fairs.

Strangely though, I have not done that many traditional Christmas items this year. So far I’ve drawn festive pigs, giraffes, cats, dragonflies and of course – bears. (No occasion would be completed without an appearance from Ted now would it). And that’s just a sample of things I have been asked to create – it’s such an honour being able to make Christmas special for people.

Now it is starting to calm down. My order books are closed for bespoke items, so that I can focus on those I have and get them to my customers in plenty of time for the big day.

In the meantime I will be promoting my ready to post items, available in my ESTY shop (The Little Welsh Studio) – so still time for people to grab an original Jac card or illustration: or something printed with one of my designs.

This Candy Cane Mug features a design by Jackie Evans of Jac's Little Welsh Studio
This Candy Cane Mug features a design by Jackie Evans of Jac’s Little Welsh Studio

I love Christmas – yet, despite being immersed in the season for so long I don’t feel very festive myself, and still have almost all of my Christmas shopping to do (eek!). Thank goodness for online ordering – whatever did we do before the internet. So – I’d better go and start browsing fellow online business pages to see what’s on offer. And if you are one of those – do visit me on Facebook or twitter and let me know what you have to offer!