The Creative Mind…

Having a creative mind is great. It helps me see the good in things – I’ll notice a patch of blue sky on a dull day, the bright green of grass when it rains. I see shapes in the clouds (something my other half scoffs at often – not so much of a creative mind there – very logical – one of us has to be!).

The downside of a creative brain is that it’s always whirring, and it’s very difficult to slow it down! My mind is almost constantly thinking of new ideas for doodles and illustrations.

My artwork is done in stages – I draw it, then add watercolour, which has to dry….. and while it dries, I’ll draw something else…. and so it goes. I’ll normally have at least 3 on the go at one time.

But – the creative mind is also unpredictable. Sometimes I start a piece, but just can’t get the oomph to complete it, or I will have a busy spell with commissions, so I don’t get back to the personal pieces for a while. They sit there waiting for me.

Last weekend, I had a bit of clear out in the studio and found a box of those half finished pieces. It was quite exciting, looking through them – some I’d forgotten all about, some were just started, some almost complete.

Peek a Boo!
Peek a Boo!

So my challenge at the moment is to finish them all, and get them ready for sale (no good to anyone in the drawer!).

This little piggy...
This little piggy…

I’ll be posting each one on my Facebook page as I finish it so please do keep an eye out on there. And if you see one you like, just message me. (Or if you would like to commission your very own original piece, so please get in touch).

Until next time

Jac xx

Still De-Choxing – please don’t tempt!

Well – I have made it half way through the first week of my De-Chox challenge, to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. The first couple of days were no real challenge, but as the week goes on I am finding it more difficult. (but it’s OK, as Ted is holding all the chocolate hostage until the challenge is over).

Ted’s holding all my chocolate to ransom

Supermarkets – they are the worst. Everywhere you look there is chocolate – especially at this time of year: those great big shiny Easter eggs keep calling. (The worse thing is I normally don’t bother with Easter Eggs at all!)

But the donations so far are really helping. Yesterday I sneaked just over my original £150 target – so now aiming for £200 as I’ve still a few people I can “persuade” I think. (O and I must thank my dentist Warren Davies for his contribution – this has to be one challenge dentists can really approve of!)

Studio wise it’s busy too – my first notebooks practically flew out the door, so will be making more of those ASAP – and my hand painted keyrings are proving popular too, which is great.

I have a craft fair this weekend in my home town of Llanelli – really look forward to that. (Do get in touch if you’d like more info on that).

Anyway – lots to do – so will get on now. Speak to you all soon, and for more regular updates do follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks, Jac xx

Confessions of a Choc-aholic. Part 2 – Vending Machines

Vending machines. I reckon they are the work of the devil.

Standing there with their shiny lights.

Full of scrumptious treats wrapped in shiny wrappers. Looking at you. Drawing you in. The little flashy buttons that say – go on, press me….

My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Today I could not resist the Malteser Teasers bar (other scrummy mouth-watering chocolates are available). It’s shiny red wrapper called to me. Really, it did!

Less than a week from today I will be going cold turkey. No choccy.

For a whole month.

But I know I can do it, as it’s for a really good cause. The British Heart Foundation – a charity that means a lot of me, my family – and so many other families. I just cannot and will not let them down.

Note to Self – stay away from the shiny machines in March! 🙂

If you would help me raise money for the BHF, you can donate at my De-Chox challenge Just Giving page

Confessions of a Choc-aholic..

O my goodness – first of all I must apologise for the lack of activity on my blog. Since Christmas Jac has been super busy with commissions and developing new product lines for all you lovely people. So – Happy New Year to you all!

OK then – down to business – why have I suddenly decided to write to you now? Well – because my writers block has finally gone and I have something worth talking about 🙂 (In my view anyway :D).

I wanted to tell you about my latest challenge. It’s not an illustration – or in fact anything to do with that.

No – it’s far more challenging. And it’s for charity (so no backing out!).

From March 1st – 31st, a whole month, I am giving up….. CHOCOLATE.

Yep – me. A confirmed choc-aholic, giving up chocolate, as part of the Dechox in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

And I will take you on that journey with me (aren’t you lucky!)

But – I shall be starting to blog from today, so that this week you can see just how much I love chocolate and how hard this will be for me.

At the moment I have chocolate every day – so far today I have had 2 triple chocolate cookies… and already have my 4 squares of after dinner chocolate ready….

Oh dear, what have signed myself up for (the reality has set in!).

Please do follow this blog, and check out my Facebook page for updates on how everything is going, and if you would like to donate to this brilliant cause you can find my sponsorship page here : Jac’s DeChox

Any donation, no matter how much, can make a huge difference, so thank you in advance

Love from Jac  xx

(PS – Ted will not be joining in)