Confessions of a Choc-aholic Part 3 – the After Dinner moment…

I don’t know about you, but I do like something sweet with my after dinner coffee.

Now, I am not totally sophisticated – it’s not the well known after dinner mint with the soft centre that I have. No – I’m more of a chunky Dairy Milk or Galaxy kind of gal. (sorry to all you chocolate connoisseurs – I know, should be 70% dark chocolate, but that’s an occasional treat only).

It’s that after dinner moment that is going to be tough in March, when I take part in the de-chox for the British Heart Foundation.

Of course – one option is not to have an after dinner coffee – but that’s not going to happen. Nope – I’ll need to stick it out and find something to replace that sugary fix. Wish me luck!

Or better still – donate to this great charity. You can find my just giving page here.

And a big thank you to everyone who has donated so far – my friends and family, and to the lovely Kat and Peter at Porta Dextra Gallery

Tomorrow – 1st March is D for D-Chox day!!!

Confessions of a Choc-aholic. Part 2 – Vending Machines

Vending machines. I reckon they are the work of the devil.

Standing there with their shiny lights.

Full of scrumptious treats wrapped in shiny wrappers. Looking at you. Drawing you in. The little flashy buttons that say – go on, press me….

My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Today I could not resist the Malteser Teasers bar (other scrummy mouth-watering chocolates are available). It’s shiny red wrapper called to me. Really, it did!

Less than a week from today I will be going cold turkey. No choccy.

For a whole month.

But I know I can do it, as it’s for a really good cause. The British Heart Foundation – a charity that means a lot of me, my family – and so many other families. I just cannot and will not let them down.

Note to Self – stay away from the shiny machines in March! 🙂

If you would help me raise money for the BHF, you can donate at my De-Chox challenge Just Giving page

Confessions of a Choc-aholic..

O my goodness – first of all I must apologise for the lack of activity on my blog. Since Christmas Jac has been super busy with commissions and developing new product lines for all you lovely people. So – Happy New Year to you all!

OK then – down to business – why have I suddenly decided to write to you now? Well – because my writers block has finally gone and I have something worth talking about 🙂 (In my view anyway :D).

I wanted to tell you about my latest challenge. It’s not an illustration – or in fact anything to do with that.

No – it’s far more challenging. And it’s for charity (so no backing out!).

From March 1st – 31st, a whole month, I am giving up….. CHOCOLATE.

Yep – me. A confirmed choc-aholic, giving up chocolate, as part of the Dechox in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

And I will take you on that journey with me (aren’t you lucky!)

But – I shall be starting to blog from today, so that this week you can see just how much I love chocolate and how hard this will be for me.

At the moment I have chocolate every day – so far today I have had 2 triple chocolate cookies… and already have my 4 squares of after dinner chocolate ready….

Oh dear, what have signed myself up for (the reality has set in!).

Please do follow this blog, and check out my Facebook page for updates on how everything is going, and if you would like to donate to this brilliant cause you can find my sponsorship page here : Jac’s DeChox

Any donation, no matter how much, can make a huge difference, so thank you in advance

Love from Jac  xx

(PS – Ted will not be joining in)

Run – Me? O Yes!

Well – today I did something I haven’t done in quite a long time. Over a year in fact (possibly more..).

For followers of Jac it may surprise some that I used to run. A lot. In fact, I’ve even completed Snowdonia Marathon (2009 that was – seems a long time ago now). And I used to love it.

Anyway – for various reasons there was a period when I wasn’t able to run – then I started up the studio and I didn’t seem to have enough hours in the day (or any motivation for that matter). Trouble is – I still have a love of cakes and chocolate, which, without any will power, plays havoc with the waist line!

So – either I give up the chocolate (never gonna happen!) or I need to up my activity levels. As you know Mr E and I do a lot of walking – and to be honest I’ve been itching to burst into a jog for a while now. Today was that day.

I donned the Lycra (thank goodness for that fabulous stretchy stuff!) and my trainers and off I went.

OK – so it was slow – but it was a jog. It was fresh air. It was fab.

What I had forgotten though is how hilly it is here (well it is Wales) and also the wind. The wind here has the spooky ability to be against you on the way out AND on the way back and it was a tad breezy.

The other good thing about running is that it’s inspiring – you see so many sights on the way – from the nice lady with the huge St Bernard dog – to the poor terrified cat at the side of the pavement who cowered as this strange Lycra clad, 40 something, heavy breathing lady hurtled down a hill towards it (the benefit of living in a hilly place – what goes up – must come down!).

Of course – you also get the odd “Run Forrest Run” comment and the odd beep of a car horn – but you do get the satisfaction of knowing you are doing something positive 🙂

I must though give credit to some old friends. If it wasn’t for my local running club – Sospan Road Runners – I would never even have started running all those years ago – let alone managed 26 miles. And that’s the other big thing I’ve missed about running is that camaraderie – not everyone understands the desire to pull on your trainers and go out in all weathers for a run, but other runners always do – and will always encourage others.

Well – I’m not quite ready to get back to that level of running yet. It’s my first day back. Who knows where it will lead. All I know is that I still have that bug somewhere deep inside.

(Mind you – it may be a different story tomorrow when my legs tell me how it really went).

Tell next time – Jac xx

PS – sorry – no pics this time, but you never know what this run may have inspired! 🙂