Whitterings of an Illustrator…

Theodore.E.Bear is having a rest tonight, so it’s back to me to write this weeks blog – but too be honest I am out of practice! I never know what to write about.

I mean – do I tell you about the week I have had, or maybe about the glorious weather we have had – which has made the trees in their Autumn colours look just stunning – or do I just follow some random thought path (which let’s be honest is my normal approach!).

You’d think I would have a plan – I mean, I (or Ted, of course) write this every week! But no, every week I suddenly realise it’s Sunday night – again… and sit here looking at the computer looking for inspiration. While watching Strictly (which I can’t talk about in case you are recording it – but I am looking forward to Halloween special).

Perhap’s I should ask you? What would you like to read in this blog? Any suggestions (be nice!) please let me know via Facebook or Twitter, I shall see what I can do 🙂

By the way – I have actually been quite busy with orders and stocking up for the Festive season! There will be new characters at Jac’s this Christmas 🙂 (Available soon in my Etsy shop).

Mr Gingerbread, a new character in Jacs Little Welsh Studio
Mr Gingerbread, a new character in Jacs Little Welsh Studio

I think that’s probably enough waffling for now – I’ll try to think of something better for you next week (or I’ll make sure Ted is back!)

Love Jac xx

10 Random Facts About Me (Jac, of course!)…

I have read a lot of posts recently about March being Meet the Maker month, and learned so much about other small businesses.

I missed the boat on that one, but then I thought – you all know I love to draw, and you may know I like a  cake every once in a while (Oh, OK, often!)… but I thought you might like to learn a little bit more… so here are 10 (very) random facts about me..

  1. I used to run – lots. I completed lots of 5k and 10k races – and a few half marathons, and also did the Snowdonia Marathon. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but was actually a lot of fun. (I do plan a running comeback at some point – although maybe not for a marathon just yet)

  2. I love coffee. I love coffee so much that if I was out and had to choose between coffee and wine I would most often choose coffee…

    I do love coffee..
    I do love coffee..
  3. My favourite biscuit is a jammy dodger – followed closely by a Tunnocks caramel wafer. (I am sure other brands must be available… )

  4. I spend ages looking at pictures of those pristine houses – you know, the ones with the white furniture and no clutter – but inside I know I just don’t like housework enough… (and I quite like my clutter too..)

  5. I love to read. I try to read every night before bed, but normally fall asleep after about a page… (it takes me a long time to finish a book :D)

  6. I am scared of butterflies (and moths)

  7. O yes, and spiders…

  8. I don’t have a favourite colour – I just love bright!

  9. I love shoes. In lots of colours.

  10. I don’t have any pets 🙁 but I would love a dog. And a rabbit. O and maybe a pony. Or a donkey…. (this is why I don;t have any pets… :D)

Well – that’s me. Hello 🙂

I do hope I haven’t scared anyone off lol! If not, then, until next time…

Love Jac xx

PS – don’t forget, you can catch up with Jac on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – I’d love to see you there xx

Enjoying Life
Enjoy the simple things in life

Hello February!

Well hello February! It seems only yesterday we were welcoming in the New Year….

It’s been a great start to the year – I think I mentioned last time that January was going to be busy with orders, and it looks like February is starting off the same way. Time really does fly when you are having fun.

So what is the plan this month?

Well – I’m working a number of card orders, for lots of different occasions. And I have stock to build up for a craft fair later this month at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. (Their St David’s Day event is on the 28th February, it would be amazing to see some of you there).

So far, I have orders for bunny rabbits, hedgehogs and frogs, and have an idea for some fruit and vegetable characters. You can, as always follow my progress on my Facebook page – and I’ll try to get some pictures on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. (there really is no escaping me now!).

Example of introductory bundle
Example of introductory bundle

Today I’m e-mailing the February colour sheet to the members of Jac’s Colouring Club – you can sign up to that any time, do contact me for further information.

Introducing – Jac’s Colouring Club

Jac is very excited today, as today sees the launch of her very first colouring club.

So many people have loved the adult colouring sheets available through Etsy, she thought maybe, rather than you having to visit my shop every time, perhaps they could be emailed them direct to your inbox?

The idea is that once a month, I will send you a brand new colour sheet, for you to print and colour at home every single month, for a whole year.

AND – if that wasn’t enough you will also get:

  • an A4 folder to keep your sheets safe – (And this will be personalised just for you)

  • a pack of fibre tip pens, just to get you started

  • your first sheet sent direct to your door

  • offers and discounts throughout the year for other Jac’s Studio products.

All of this for only £20 for the whole year!*

Interested? Well, simply message me through the contact form (or through Facebook if you prefer) and I will sign you up 🙂

Example of introductory bundle
Example of introductory bundle
*Price quoted is for UK customers. If you are outside of the UK, let me know where you are and I will check postage rates for your country. Or I can simply send you the colour sheets, without the introductory bundle – we can discuss that when you message me xx
A postal version of the club is also available – this is £30 per year – to cover the additional postage costs and printing costs).

The Great British Weather

What is it with people and the weather. Why do we all talk about it so much? Is it just a British thing, or is it a worldwide thing?

Certainly, here in Wales I suspect it’s because it’s so changeable! Especially recently. Recently, we have pretty much all 4 seasons in a day (sometimes in an hour I reckon).

What I have noticed is how it affects people’s moods. We’ve just had a sunny spell – where everyone was all smiley and happy – the bright summer clothes came out (well mine did at least!).

When we had it for a few days – people got a little tired and grumpy (not used to prolonged hot weather here, are we?!). Then it rained – all of a sudden people are moaning. I even caught myself mid moan – but dragged myself back from the brink!

My artwork is also influenced by the weather – but not in the way people expect. Many people paint grey things on grey days. Not me. The more dull and grey it gets – the more colour I want to add – when the sky outside is grey I love to paint blue skies and flowers. And I post those on social media, hoping to bring a bit of sunshine to everyone’s rainy day 🙂

Smile and be happy
Start every day with a smile

Now, here in Wales, it rains a lot (hence the brightly coloured art all the time!). I suppose I could be sad about that. But if it didn’t rain, then Wales wouldn’t be so lovely and green now would it? (and then what would the sheep eat? AND Tom Jones couldn’t have sung the Green, Green Grass of Home could he?).

What I am saying is – don’t be sad because the sun doesn’t shine.

Don’t be sad – because without the rain we wouldn’t have rainbows, without the rain our gardens wouldn’t burst into bloom.

And anyway – a rain shower is ever such a good to excuse to duck into a café for a cuppa and slice of cake – erm, I mean shelter 🙂

So – whatever the weather in the next week – keep smiling 🙂

Till next week then – Love Jac xx

Bring on the Brights

Colour. Why should there be rules? I really believe there aren’t any. I know, I know – convention says other wise. “Blue and green should never be seen..” – you can’t wear pink with red because the clash. But you take a look at nature – the wild or your own garden. Colour everywhere. Blue flowers with green stems. Reds right next to pink. And do they clash.

No. They Don’t.

Natures Paint Palate
Natures Paint Palate

So – I for one and saying PFFFT (is that a word? – well it is now) to convention and bringing out the full colour palate.

You already see it in my artwork (I hope!) – no amount of colour is out of bounds there. But what about away from the studio? Well, I don’t know if it’s the effects of the summer sun, but my wardrobe has recently had a major injection of colour. And you know what – it makes me happy.

Colour really can affect your mood – make a dull day bright. Energise you. Calm you. Just try a pretty colourful dress, or a bright t-shirt – even just a scarf or a necklace in a colour you wouldn’t normally wear. It will make a difference, I’m sure.

And the more colour I add, the more colour I want to add. In fact – I am building a rather fabulous colour wheel of shoes! (any excuse!)

Who says shoes have to be boring?
Who says shoes have to be boring?

Shoes are a great mood enhancer. When I wear fun shoes and find myself feeling a bit low, I just look down 🙂

So – go on, who’s with me? Say Pfffft (honestly it is a word) to colour convention and Bring on the Brights 🙂

Till next time – Jac x