Why I Draw…

Last time, I told you about my hibernation habits (otherwise known as doing too much for too long, till the body says stop.)


Well, one way I stop is to draw.

Yes, I know – that is also “work”. I am paid (by my extremely lovely customers) to draw. But it doesn’t feel like work.


More importantly – I have to sit still(ish) while I do it.   And I need to concentrate on what I am doing.  As a resuly, my mind focuses on that one thing.


It may be a penguin, a dog, a bear or a toadstool. But at that moment, I am focussed completely on that one thing.


It’s my time. All the conflicting voices are shut down – there is no room for them.


I can get completely immersed in the work – I will sometimes forget to go cook tea (my poor long suffering husband can testify to that) – but that just shows how much I am enjoying it.


To me – it’s like a meditation – mindfulness. (I do practice mindfulness meditation too). It forces me to slow down.


Without my drawing, my world would be in a constant spin – a massive merry-go-round with no stop button.


So – I want to say thank you! Thank you for following me, liking my work – buying my work. It has encouraged me to keep going – and has undoubtedly been good for me too!


And I love that someone, somewhere out there, smiles when they see one of my pictures 🙂


OK then – I am off to paint some toadstools

Magic Pencils
Jac wants to bring happiness to the world through her work.

Till next time,

Love Jac xxx

If you would like to see more of my work, you can find me on various social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – and you can buy my “ready to post” items online too.


Burnt Soup

So – every now and again, my body throws a wobbly. It decides I have done too much and that it doesn’t want to do anything more. This week was one of those times. I started the week a bit tired, and it just got worse. Thoughts got muddled, mistakes were made. Then, finally, my body decided enough was enough and that hibernation was the only thing to do.

Queue feeling freezing cold, no matter how many layers you wear (indoors, with central heating I may add), feeling too tired to pick up a book or even a magazine. The inability to string a whole sentence together without the words being jumbled. And (the worst bit) – the inability to doodle. (I had nether the energy to hold a pencil, nor any spark of imagination.

In fact – the only thing you can do is sleep.

Sometimes PJ's and Slippers is the only acceptable way to dress.
Sometimes PJ’s and Slippers is the only acceptable way to dress.

14 hours sleep on the first night. Finally you do manage to get up, reach the sofa… a bit of a nap (OK another hour or so)… it’s not a pretty sight I imagine – this pyjama wearing grumpy thing dragging itself around the house – just about managing sofa – kettle – back to sofa.

One day I managed to doze off while making soup (cooking real food is good for you they say)… Well, I can tell you it is in fact possible to burn soup, a feat I never though was possible 🙁 (Thank goodness for working smoke alarms!)

I’ve never really figured out why this happens – lots of theories – nothing conclusive. But it does – and all I can do is to what my body blinking well says – cos I can’t do a thing about it!

Now I don’t want this to sound all doom and gloom – because it really isn’t. There are benefits…

On the plus side, I caught up on a few films. Most films were children’s ones that require little in the way of real concentration – which is fab, because how often do we get an excuse to watch kids films all day (especially when you have no children lol!)

I save a lot of money – I can’t drive, so no fuel costs, I can’t drag myself round the shops, I can’t even be bothered internet shopping – so I am guessing bank managers the world over are jumping for joy (not so much the shop keepers).

And when my body decides it’s caught up again, it gives me back my imagination. Soooo many ideas come flooding in. This has to be the best part 🙂

I know I am back once I can pick up that pencil and draw again.

So – watch out for doodles, new projects and interesting social media updates.

This “hibernation” doesn’t happen all that often, once every two – three months, and lasts only a couple of days. I’ve never been able to predict accurately when it will happen, so it has become one of life’s little “adventures” – and I’ll be sure to take you along with me – especially the new ideas part.

I guess the moral of the story is – listen to your body. It knows what it’s doing! And maybe learn to slow down… but I’m not quite ready for that yet!

(Oh – and check your smoke alarm, You never know when you might burn the soup!)

So – I’m off to the drawing board to get some of these ideas from my head to paper. Talk to you all again soon!

Love Jac xx

Alphabet Adventures

Hello again everyone 🙂

What a great week it’s been here in the studio. Jac has been kept busy with commissions and sending out packages from her Etsy shop.

She has also been working on a project to create an alphabet illustration, and has just started sketching ideas for the letter B. I am very excited, as I get to feature in some of those – and she took me to a ball pit for inspiration. That was great fun – it was just like a swimming pool – but instead of water (which gets my fur all soggy) it was full of brightly coloured balls. You can jump in them, hide in them, or just throw them around. I can’t wait to go again!

Ted.E.Bear, the ball pit and balloons
Ted.E.Bear loves to play!

Did you know that Jac publishes her sketches on her Facebook page? And – you can suggest ideas and sometimes she will turn your idea into one of her doodles. That’s what she is doing with the alphabet – she posts an idea most evenings. I think she will be starting on the letter C soon.

Today Jac went out without me (I was looking after the studio for her) – and met with some people who, like her, draw pictures and write stories. She said the meeting was really good – and that she has lots of ideas for new stories with me in them! I can’t wait to hear what she has in store – I’m sure she will let me tell you all about it at some point.

Well – that’s about this for now. Next week, Jac and I will be working on more commissions – which will involve something called Halloween. I am not sure what that is – but I am sure I will find out. Jac says it involves dressing up in costumes – which I always love to do. My favourite is my lion costume – maybe I can wear that this week (it’s nice and warm, it’s getting cold outside now).

Teddy, or lion?
Ted.E.Bear just loves dressing up!

Thanks for taking time to read my stories – I am really enjoying it.

Until next time


A trip to the dentist…

Hello again everyone. Theodore E Bear here (you can call me Ted).

So – what has happened this week?

Well – Jac has been as busy as ever, she has been working on commission pieces, and has sent new designs off to be printed (she says she will share them as soon as they arrive).

In amongst that we went somewhere I haven’t been before – we had to go to the dentist.

When we arrived I was a little bit scared, as there were lots of strange noises – loud noises like a drill!

We waited in a big room with lots of other people, until a nice lady with a clip board called my name – then I had to go into a different room, (Jac came with me, I was too scared to go myself.)

Inside that room there was a man who had a mask over his face – I thought he was a doctor, but Jac explained he was the dentist. That is a special kind of doctor that helps us look after our teeth.

Ted isn't scared of the dentist anymore
Ted thought the Dentist was scary, but he was actually a very nice man.

I had to sit on a big chair – and it moved (I liked that it was fun 🙂 ), then I had to open my mouth so the dentist could see inside – he even made me stick my tongue out – it felt really funny!

After that, he said my teeth were all fine – but said I maybe shouldn’t eat so many sugary cakes 🙁

He explained that if I look after my teeth I shouldn’t have to go back for a long time, so Jac got me a toothbrush and toothpaste, and taught me how to brush my teeth properly. Now I brush my teeth every morning and also before I go to bed – for a whole two minutes.

Ted's First Toothbrush
Ted has learnt the importance of looking after his teeth

Jac says if I keep doing that it will be good as everyone will always see my nice bright smile 🙂

So now it’s another new week – I wonder what adventures Jac and I will have this time? Do check back next week.

PS – if you can’t wait that long – you can follow Jac’s adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Oh and I have my very own board on Jac’s Pinterest page now too!

PPS – Please remember you can buy picture of me (and all Jac’s characters!) on Etsy too xx

Keep on Running (or at least brisk walking)

Wow – June. That came round quick.

But then May was a busy month. The busiest yet for Jac’s Little Welsh Studio – with commission orders now in the books all through summer and beyond. (in fact there are a couple in there for December!)

The Little Welsh Studio on Etsy has also started to pick up – I have now had approval to put my printed items on there, so will be able to add my full range (when I find some extra time lol!). (You can already find Olivia Owl on there, she was quick to land!)

Olivia Owl by The Little Welsh Studio
Olivia Owl has landed at the Little Welsh Studio

But personally, it was busy too – as I took part in a charity “event”. Outrun May was a challenge set by MacMillan Cancer Support. The idea was to set a figure and run (or walk) that many miles during the month of May. I picked 70 miles. (Nope, I don’t know why – it just seemed like a good number).

I dusted off my trainers, and every single day in May I went for a run or a walk, or a mix of the two. I found at least 20 mins in every single day where I could get out there and get those feet and legs moving.

And you know what – I did it. 70 miles. (Well, 72 actually). And I feel so much better for it. I rediscovered paths I hadn’t walked n a while. I saw flowers spring up, heard birds singing. I even saw a small deer on one walk.

O yes – with the help of friends and family, £135 was raised for MacMillan Cancer Support.

And now that May is over I can relax. Slow down. Re-acquaint with the sofa.

Yes, of course I could – but then again, I could keep on running (or at least brisk walking). I could get fitter, get some more fresh air, see more of nature.

I think I know which I will choose…. pass me my trainers will you? 🙂

Till next time – Love Jac xx

 PS – don’t forget to check Facebook and Instagram for the latest news from the studio 


A new challenge. A new opportunity.

Eek – what have a done?? I am already a busy person. There are never enough hours in the day – and I just added another thing to the list!

BUT – this is good. It really is.

So – what is it??

Well… As you all know – my mission is to make the world a happier place, one doodle at a time.

It is so uplifting to know that my creations – whether that’s a quick sketch or a detailed commission – can make people smile. I feel so proud that “little old me” can bring a little happiness to the world.

And I know from feedback that sometimes those moments have happened just when someone has needed it.

I also know that creating art makes me happy.

Like most people, I have low days. Like most people, I have worries.

Like soooo many people – my brain never stops. Sometimes it spins. My brain thinks about everything all at the same time. It even thinks about things that haven’t happened yet (and probably never will!)

Except when I draw.

When I draw I am in another world – my own world. (I like to think of it as being in my own little bubble).

I forget everything outside that bubble – I leave the worries behind. My breathing slows down. My shoulders relax. My brain stops whirring like a mad thing. It’s like my own method of meditation. Just me, paper, pencils and paint.

(I often forget the housework too, perhaps not such a good thing!)

Recently I have been thinking – what if I can held other people?

What if my own art skills and experience could be used, not just to make people smile – but actually help people to cope with difficult situations?

Magic Pencils
Jac wants to bring happiness to the world through her work.

And, after much consideration, I have decided to study for a diploma in Art Therapy. It’s another commitment – but one I really feel will be worth it. Invest a little time now, to benefit lots of people later.

My course materials have arrived, so I am all set. I can’t wait to get going.

I imagine you will see my progress, as I am sure I will learn things that I think will interest you too – so keep an eye out here and on all my social media channels (no escaping me lol!).

Till next time

Love Jac xx

10 Random Facts About Me (Jac, of course!)…

I have read a lot of posts recently about March being Meet the Maker month, and learned so much about other small businesses.

I missed the boat on that one, but then I thought – you all know I love to draw, and you may know I like a  cake every once in a while (Oh, OK, often!)… but I thought you might like to learn a little bit more… so here are 10 (very) random facts about me..

  1. I used to run – lots. I completed lots of 5k and 10k races – and a few half marathons, and also did the Snowdonia Marathon. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but was actually a lot of fun. (I do plan a running comeback at some point – although maybe not for a marathon just yet)

  2. I love coffee. I love coffee so much that if I was out and had to choose between coffee and wine I would most often choose coffee…

    I do love coffee..
    I do love coffee..
  3. My favourite biscuit is a jammy dodger – followed closely by a Tunnocks caramel wafer. (I am sure other brands must be available… )

  4. I spend ages looking at pictures of those pristine houses – you know, the ones with the white furniture and no clutter – but inside I know I just don’t like housework enough… (and I quite like my clutter too..)

  5. I love to read. I try to read every night before bed, but normally fall asleep after about a page… (it takes me a long time to finish a book :D)

  6. I am scared of butterflies (and moths)

  7. O yes, and spiders…

  8. I don’t have a favourite colour – I just love bright!

  9. I love shoes. In lots of colours.

  10. I don’t have any pets 🙁 but I would love a dog. And a rabbit. O and maybe a pony. Or a donkey…. (this is why I don;t have any pets… :D)

Well – that’s me. Hello 🙂

I do hope I haven’t scared anyone off lol! If not, then, until next time…

Love Jac xx

PS – don’t forget, you can catch up with Jac on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – I’d love to see you there xx

Enjoying Life
Enjoy the simple things in life

Hello February!

Well hello February! It seems only yesterday we were welcoming in the New Year….

It’s been a great start to the year – I think I mentioned last time that January was going to be busy with orders, and it looks like February is starting off the same way. Time really does fly when you are having fun.

So what is the plan this month?

Well – I’m working a number of card orders, for lots of different occasions. And I have stock to build up for a craft fair later this month at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. (Their St David’s Day event is on the 28th February, it would be amazing to see some of you there).

So far, I have orders for bunny rabbits, hedgehogs and frogs, and have an idea for some fruit and vegetable characters. You can, as always follow my progress on my Facebook page – and I’ll try to get some pictures on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. (there really is no escaping me now!).

Example of introductory bundle
Example of introductory bundle

Today I’m e-mailing the February colour sheet to the members of Jac’s Colouring Club – you can sign up to that any time, do contact me for further information.

How time flies!

23rd January. What – really – already? Time really does fly when you are having fun!

So far January has been an amazing month for Jac.

Normally January is quiet, but already I have booking for commissions all the way through to December, and membership to Jac’s Colouring Club has proved to be popular. (Click here for details on that).

The Daily Doodle is another hit – the best place to see them is my Facebook page, one new doodle, every day, just for fun. In the end I’ll have 366 of them – and perhaps some will be developed into illustrations or printed items. (If you have a favourite, do let me know!)

I’m currently working on Valentine’s day items – as well as commissions for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. It will soon be time to start Mother’s Day items too!

Smile and be happy
Start every day with a smile

I have always loved drawing – and now I know that my drawings can bring a smile to people’s faces, it makes it all the more special.

Ooo – I almost forgot – you can now find me on Instagram too!

Until next time then,

Love Jac xxx

Introducing – Jac’s Colouring Club

Jac is very excited today, as today sees the launch of her very first colouring club.

So many people have loved the adult colouring sheets available through Etsy, she thought maybe, rather than you having to visit my shop every time, perhaps they could be emailed them direct to your inbox?

The idea is that once a month, I will send you a brand new colour sheet, for you to print and colour at home every single month, for a whole year.

AND – if that wasn’t enough you will also get:

  • an A4 folder to keep your sheets safe – (And this will be personalised just for you)

  • a pack of fibre tip pens, just to get you started

  • your first sheet sent direct to your door

  • offers and discounts throughout the year for other Jac’s Studio products.

All of this for only £20 for the whole year!*

Interested? Well, simply message me through the contact form (or through Facebook if you prefer) and I will sign you up 🙂

Example of introductory bundle
Example of introductory bundle
*Price quoted is for UK customers. If you are outside of the UK, let me know where you are and I will check postage rates for your country. Or I can simply send you the colour sheets, without the introductory bundle – we can discuss that when you message me xx
A postal version of the club is also available – this is £30 per year – to cover the additional postage costs and printing costs).