Taking it slow..

Hello again everyone – have you had a good week? It’s been very quiet here this week, as Jac was a bit poorly with a bad cold and couldn’t spend as much time as normal at the drawing board.

Don’t worry though, I looked after her wih plenty of hot honey and lemon drinks. As a bear, I recommend honey – I wasn’t so sure about the lemon, but Jac said it’s good for her, so I had to add a little really.

Although Jac wasn’t able to get on with orders as she woudl have liked, she was very excited when a man in a big van arrived with a giant box. Apparently it was full of new items for the studio shop. It’s all still being sorted out – but I did manage a sneaky peek and spotted bookmarks, mirrors and bags – all new deisgns I hadn’t seen before. Jac says I can’t tell you to much yet, but she will share pictures as soon as they are ready. (And they will all be added to the shop throughout the week).

She did say I could let you all know about the bookmarks – especially since she showed you the designs for those a while ago. There are cupcakes, and teapots and cats… not all on the same bookmark of course. You can see them all in more detail in The Little Welsh Studio shop – why not take a peek!

The lastest bookmark designs at The Little Welsh Studio
The lastest bookmark designs at The Little Welsh Studio

So – I guess it will be a bit busier this week as Jac catches up – so I better go now – but I’ll be back next week.

Love from Theodore.E.Bear (a.k.a Ted)

Introducing – Theodore.E.Bear

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

I am Theodore Edward Bear. (Ted.E.Bear or Ted for short). I live in a small town in South West Wales, home to the Little Welsh Studio.

Ted.E.Bear a character created by Jackie Evans, Illustrator
Hi – I’m Ted.E.Bear

I live with Jackie (most people call her Jac). That’s her legs in the picture (I am not a very tall bear).

Jac owns the Little Welsh Studio, and is an illustrator โ€“ which means she draws pictures for people. (You might have seen me in some of them). Sometimes she get very busy, and so doesn’t get time to update her blog as often as she would like to.

That’s where I step in. To be honest, as a Teddy Bear, I wasn’t really sure what a blog was โ€“ but Jac explained it’s a way of telling stories to people so that they can read it on their phone or computer.

I really like stories, so I offered to help out by writing the occasional tale.

I am not sure exactly what I will write, but I do love adventures. And I have lots of friends here in the studio โ€“ like Tarquin the Turtle and Doodle the Mouse, so I am sure I will be able to find something for all of you.

I plan to write my first proper story later this week โ€“ so do pop back to see what my friends and I have been up to. (I’ll ask Jac to let you all know when it’s ready, I know she uses things called Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so I am sure you will find me).

So โ€“ I’ll sign off for now โ€“ look forward to seeing you all.

Lots of Love

Theodore. E . Bear (Ted).

Everyone has to grow old…

This week I realised I must getting old… and not just because my hubby had another birthday. No, the clues were in my decision making…

  • I chose shoes for comfort
  • Clothes as they were warm
  • and started to look for a car that is……



  • ….practical (eek!). There, I said it.

Yep โ€“ a smidge of sensible is trying to sneak in. Just a smidge mind you…


I am keeping the heels and pretty shoes,ย and today I wore a dressย because it was pretty (even though my legs were freezing).

And I haven’t swapped my little car (yet โ€“ that may be inevitable…) I will miss that little car ๐Ÿ™

Mind you โ€“ I’ve also found that I am caring much less about what others think about those decisions.

My shoes may not be glamorous โ€“ but I can walk around for hours pain free.


My coat may not be as pretty as that little dress โ€“ but I probably look slightly prettier when not shivering and turning blue ๐Ÿ˜€

See - no shivering
See – no shivering

And the car. Well, mm, I’m still pondering that one. I do love my car โ€“ but it is very small, and it’s had a tough life for a little car, done a lot of miles.

Maybe it needs a break…. And, if I want to get Jac’s Studio out to the masses, I do need to fit quite a lot of stuff in, which can be a stuggle…. Let’s see what happens there I think.

BUT – no matter how old and grumpy I get (o yes, I am getting to be quite the grump), I refuse to grow up. I will still dance in the rain, jump in puddles and eat cake ๐Ÿ™‚


Dancing in the Rain
Dance in the Rain & Jump in puddles

So – until next time – act your shoe size, not your age ๐Ÿ™‚


(Mine are a size 4 by the way, just so you know what to expect).

Love from Jac xx

Ted’s Austrian Adventure – Part One

Dear Diary

Well – here I am in St Johan in Tirol in very lovely Austria. It looks a bit like Wales – only with more space and bigger mountains. We travelled here by train – and we got to stop in Brussels, and a place in Germany called Lindau (I might write about that another day if Jac says it’s OK).

So – today, Jac told me we were going for a long walk, to a place called Kitzbuhl – but she told me not to worry because this was a fairly flat walk, so it wouldn’t be too hard for my first time out.

It was a bit cloudy, but not too bad. I watched Jac pack bottles of water, sandwiches and waterproof clothes into a big rucksack (for Mr E to carry ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Jac says you must always take those things, because you never know what the weather will be like later, especially up in the mountains.

And off we went – it was really pretty. All the houses there are lovely – so many are covered in pretty flowers in really bright colours. All was going well until about 4 miles in. Then it started to rain. Then rained harder – and harder. Luckily, we passed through a village during this shower, so we popped into a coffee shop – where Jac treated me to aย Hot Chocolate with cream on – yummy.

But when we had finished it was still raining really hard – Mr E spotted a bus stop, so we decided to take the bus to Kitzbuhl to dry off a bit.

Once we got there we hadย  a fab luch – me and Jac had Kaseplatz (a bit like macaroni cheese) and Mr E had a Berner Wurt (hot dog sausages stuffed with cheese and then wrapped in bacon). They looked yummy.

By then, the rain had stopped – and the sun was even trying to come out, so we all agreed we’d walk back. Off we went – at first it was up a big steep hill, which I found very hard, but eventually it levelled iff and there was a great view of the town below. Then – about 2 mile sin the rain started – and like before it got heavier and heavier. Jac said we had never been so wet – and said she would never trust weather apps again.

But – we kept going, and were soon back in our nice warm apartment dryning off – ready for another day.

I really enjoyed my first day walking – I can’t wait to do more.

Ta Ta for now – Love Ted xx

Ted's motto for walking trips - be prepared!