A Day Trip

Hello All

I’m back again! Sorry I missed you all last week, but every bear needs a little time off. And both Jac and I had a day off together last week, so we hopped on a train to Swansea. Jac said we were going to an Art Gallery and Museum – the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, which has just been reopened.

Well, I didn’t know what that was, but Jac promised I would like it. And she was right – it was a big building just full of lots of things to look at. There was painting and shiny things, and even videos.

But the best thing was a room full of sketches by someone called Leonardo da Vinci – there were pages from sketchbooks, and the work was amazing. Jac said this was a special exhibition, something we’d possibly never see again, so she made sure to read all the information. After we had looked at everything, Jac bought me a book with all the pictures we had seen – copies of the sketchbook pages, so that I can look at it whenever I want. Jac says she likes things like that for inspiration, I can see why!


Leonardo da Vinci - 10 drawings from the Royal Collection
Leonardo da Vinci – 10 drawings from the Royal Collection

After the museum, we went for a lovely coffee, and enjoyed an evening out.

The next day both of us were raring to get to the drawing board – I love watching jac at work. This week she has been working on so many different things – there has been giraffes, and cars – and little old ladies. Apparently next week there will be donkeys and doves, it’s all very exciting.

Now I am afraid I must sign off, as I need to get my Halloween costume ready!

Theodore.E.Bear - Wizard extraordinaire!
Theodore.E.Bear – Wizard extraordinaire!

Till next week then



PS – don’t forget, you can buy from Jac on Etsy, and also see work in progress through Facebook and Instagram.

There Be Dragon…flies

I’ve written before about what inspires me. Yesterday I went to one place that never fails to do just that – the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

I am so lucky that this is just on my doorstep, so that I can visit whenever I like (in theory at least – that great killer plans, time, often makes it impossible).

This time, I made sure I visited, as there was an event on – a guided walk, to search for dragonflies.

These have always fascinated me – so fragile looking, and the way they seem to skip about so effortlessly – so I just had to visit.

Initially, it seemed like it may be a wasted trip – I learned that these lovely creatures don’t like great damp days (guess what weather we had!). They need warmth and the sun to be able to fly.

Undeterred, our guide (Debby), started looking at the foliage close to the ponds – and then someone spotted something. A damselfly (very similar, a bit smaller – and beautiful blue colour). And then we started spotting them everywhere! Well – not everywhere, and it was actually quite difficult – they camouflage pretty well.

The good thing about the weather was that they remained still on their leaves and branches, so we got to have a really good look, and I got a few photos. (I only have a little camera – none of your single lens reflex – just your bog standard point and shoot, but even that captured some half decent images, like this one….

Dragonfly - at the National Garden of Wales
Dragonfly – at the National Garden of Wales

It felt such a privilege to be sitting watching them – and it’s amazing to know that there were so many just sitting there. You just have to look for them. You have to zone in, not be distracted by people, your phone or thinking about lunch. It’s just you sitting watching nature – and there they are. Magical.

Once the tour was over, I took the opportunity for a quiet stroll – listening to the bird, looking and the flowers.

Gorgeous flower display
Gorgeous flower display

I love how peaceful it is. A little break for the outside world. If you ever get the chance, please do visit.

I can’t wait to go back again!

Till Next Time – Jac xx

Christmas in October

I know, I know – it’s October. I have no right to be blogging about Christmas. I’m sorry (truly I am), but I love it – and anyway, I have to start planning now so that my Christmas range is ready when people need them!

And this year, I have had a little extra inspiration, in the form of a book – Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe by Jenny Colgan.

Candy Canes
Christmas Candy Canes

I first came across Jenny Colgan’s work when I was looking for some light summer reading. I was browsing the book shelves in my local bookshop (one of the few remaining ones sadly), and I found The Cupcake Cafe.

Regular followers of Jac will know that I love both coffee and cake – so this book just called to me. And it was fab – but that’s not what I am here to write about today.

So, where was I…  oh yes, Christmas.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I just really fancied some quiet time curled up on the sofa, and everyone knows you need a good book for that. So, off I went in search of a good read. And then I found Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe (the sequel to my summer read).

Coffee, cake and Christmas – what more is there!!

As I am sure you can imagine this is not a heavy read (it’s not going to help in my quest to score more than 12 on University Challenge), but it’s a nice easy, can’t put it down till you’ve finished it kind of book.

It’s a story of love, conflict and cake. It features Issy (who owns the café) and

Festive cupcake
Christmas Cupcakes

her boyfriend Austin – and this book is set in both London and New York (I’m not saying any more than that, you’ll have to read it yourself)

And this book has a real atmosphere, I swear I could literally smell the coffee and cinnamon – see the steamed up windows of the café and feel the snow falling around me… and, for those bakers amongst you, this book also includes recipes for the featured cakes (not that I have attempted any of those yet).

If you are looking for a feel good cosy book this Christmas, it’s just perfect….

Christmas Pudding
Good Old Christmas Pud
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