A new challenge. A new opportunity.

Eek – what have a done?? I am already a busy person. There are never enough hours in the day – and I just added another thing to the list!

BUT – this is good. It really is.

So – what is it??

Well… As you all know – my mission is to make the world a happier place, one doodle at a time.

It is so uplifting to know that my creations – whether that’s a quick sketch or a detailed commission – can make people smile. I feel so proud that “little old me” can bring a little happiness to the world.

And I know from feedback that sometimes those moments have happened just when someone has needed it.

I also know that creating art makes me happy.

Like most people, I have low days. Like most people, I have worries.

Like soooo many people – my brain never stops. Sometimes it spins. My brain thinks about everything all at the same time. It even thinks about things that haven’t happened yet (and probably never will!)

Except when I draw.

When I draw I am in another world – my own world. (I like to think of it as being in my own little bubble).

I forget everything outside that bubble – I leave the worries behind. My breathing slows down. My shoulders relax. My brain stops whirring like a mad thing. It’s like my own method of meditation. Just me, paper, pencils and paint.

(I often forget the housework too, perhaps not such a good thing!)

Recently I have been thinking – what if I can held other people?

What if my own art skills and experience could be used, not just to make people smile – but actually help people to cope with difficult situations?

Magic Pencils
Jac wants to bring happiness to the world through her work.

And, after much consideration, I have decided to study for a diploma in Art Therapy. It’s another commitment – but one I really feel will be worth it. Invest a little time now, to benefit lots of people later.

My course materials have arrived, so I am all set. I can’t wait to get going.

I imagine you will see my progress, as I am sure I will learn things that I think will interest you too – so keep an eye out here and on all my social media channels (no escaping me lol!).

Till next time

Love Jac xx

The Great British Weather

What is it with people and the weather. Why do we all talk about it so much? Is it just a British thing, or is it a worldwide thing?

Certainly, here in Wales I suspect it’s because it’s so changeable! Especially recently. Recently, we have pretty much all 4 seasons in a day (sometimes in an hour I reckon).

What I have noticed is how it affects people’s moods. We’ve just had a sunny spell – where everyone was all smiley and happy – the bright summer clothes came out (well mine did at least!).

When we had it for a few days – people got a little tired and grumpy (not used to prolonged hot weather here, are we?!). Then it rained – all of a sudden people are moaning. I even caught myself mid moan – but dragged myself back from the brink!

My artwork is also influenced by the weather – but not in the way people expect. Many people paint grey things on grey days. Not me. The more dull and grey it gets – the more colour I want to add – when the sky outside is grey I love to paint blue skies and flowers. And I post those on social media, hoping to bring a bit of sunshine to everyone’s rainy day 🙂

Smile and be happy
Start every day with a smile

Now, here in Wales, it rains a lot (hence the brightly coloured art all the time!). I suppose I could be sad about that. But if it didn’t rain, then Wales wouldn’t be so lovely and green now would it? (and then what would the sheep eat? AND Tom Jones couldn’t have sung the Green, Green Grass of Home could he?).

What I am saying is – don’t be sad because the sun doesn’t shine.

Don’t be sad – because without the rain we wouldn’t have rainbows, without the rain our gardens wouldn’t burst into bloom.

And anyway – a rain shower is ever such a good to excuse to duck into a café for a cuppa and slice of cake – erm, I mean shelter 🙂

So – whatever the weather in the next week – keep smiling 🙂

Till next week then – Love Jac xx

Happiness is….

I have a question.

What makes you happy?

Go on – think about it. Think back for the past week or so – what stands out? Is it the purchase of a shiny car, a new dress a new pair of shoes? Or is it a moment, a memory of spending time with someone (or maybe with yourself?), in a cafe or a park maybe?

Don’t get me wrong – all of those material things do bring happiness. I do have a nice shiny car (well – when I get round to washing it, it’s shiny for a little while….), and those who follow Jac will know I do love a new dress and adore new shoes. But that happiness can be very short lived.

When I really think about it it’s simpler things that really make me feel happiest for longest:

  • a sunny day

  • a nice relaxing cup of coffee (double happy if there is cake with it)

  • a walk on the beach

  • a walk in the park

  • drawing, making things, creating things

  • the reaction of someone receiving something I have created. (and I don’t just mean the things I sell – I make for friends and family too)

  • Helping someone

And I notice that most of the things on that list cost nothing (or almost nothing).

It makes me wonder how much we all need those things, or is it just that we think we need all of those things.

So, I have challenged myself to spend less, to buy less material things. To enjoy moments more, to make more, to be grateful for what I already have.

No new shoes, no new  clothes, no sparkly things, for a while at least. Nights out swapped to nights in occasionally. Takeaway food swapped to freshly cooked. I may even bake (look out everyone!).

And let’s just see if I am just as happy – or will I be miserable and screaming out for a new pair of heels? Stay tuned everyone 🙂

Smile and be happy
Start every day with a smile

PS – it would be nice to hear what makes you happy – do join me on Facebook and Twitter and let me know.

Love from Jac xx

The Power of Words

I know – I am an illustrator. I draw pictures…. a picture paints a thousand words and all that! But recently I’ve been thinking a lot about words – in fact they have even featured in recent doodles over at Jac’s Studio Facebook page (www.facebook.com/JacsStudio).

Words can be so powerful. Words can support, they can show you care. Words tell stories. Words can hurt or they can heal. Whatever words are used – they are always powerful.

So for my doodles I’ve been focussing on positive words to share with everyone. The first – Hope – is now available as a print through my online shop (www.etsy.com/shop/TheLittleWelshStudio) and I hope (sorry, but you have to have hope 😉 ) to have several more available soon.

Have Hope

I am a firm believer in the phrase “one positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”. And that’s my plan – create lots of fabulous illustrated words for people to look at, carry with them, gaze at – whatever it takes for that word to help them through the day 🙂 What word would you choose…. why not let me know via Twitter or Facebook, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Until next time – Believe, Dream, Be Happy.

Love Jac x