10 Random Facts About Me (Jac, of course!)…

I have read a lot of posts recently about March being Meet the Maker month, and learned so much about other small businesses.

I missed the boat on that one, but then I thought – you all know I love to draw, and you may know I like a  cake every once in a while (Oh, OK, often!)… but I thought you might like to learn a little bit more… so here are 10 (very) random facts about me..

  1. I used to run – lots. I completed lots of 5k and 10k races – and a few half marathons, and also did the Snowdonia Marathon. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but was actually a lot of fun. (I do plan a running comeback at some point – although maybe not for a marathon just yet)

  2. I love coffee. I love coffee so much that if I was out and had to choose between coffee and wine I would most often choose coffee…

    I do love coffee..
    I do love coffee..
  3. My favourite biscuit is a jammy dodger – followed closely by a Tunnocks caramel wafer. (I am sure other brands must be available… )

  4. I spend ages looking at pictures of those pristine houses – you know, the ones with the white furniture and no clutter – but inside I know I just don’t like housework enough… (and I quite like my clutter too..)

  5. I love to read. I try to read every night before bed, but normally fall asleep after about a page… (it takes me a long time to finish a book :D)

  6. I am scared of butterflies (and moths)

  7. O yes, and spiders…

  8. I don’t have a favourite colour – I just love bright!

  9. I love shoes. In lots of colours.

  10. I don’t have any pets 🙁 but I would love a dog. And a rabbit. O and maybe a pony. Or a donkey…. (this is why I don;t have any pets… :D)

Well – that’s me. Hello 🙂

I do hope I haven’t scared anyone off lol! If not, then, until next time…

Love Jac xx

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Enjoying Life
Enjoy the simple things in life

Everyone has to grow old…

This week I realised I must getting old… and not just because my hubby had another birthday. No, the clues were in my decision making…

  • I chose shoes for comfort
  • Clothes as they were warm
  • and started to look for a car that is……



  • ….practical (eek!). There, I said it.

Yep – a smidge of sensible is trying to sneak in. Just a smidge mind you…


I am keeping the heels and pretty shoes, and today I wore a dress because it was pretty (even though my legs were freezing).

And I haven’t swapped my little car (yet – that may be inevitable…) I will miss that little car 🙁

Mind you – I’ve also found that I am caring much less about what others think about those decisions.

My shoes may not be glamorous – but I can walk around for hours pain free.


My coat may not be as pretty as that little dress – but I probably look slightly prettier when not shivering and turning blue 😀

See - no shivering
See – no shivering

And the car. Well, mm, I’m still pondering that one. I do love my car – but it is very small, and it’s had a tough life for a little car, done a lot of miles.

Maybe it needs a break…. And, if I want to get Jac’s Studio out to the masses, I do need to fit quite a lot of stuff in, which can be a stuggle…. Let’s see what happens there I think.

BUT – no matter how old and grumpy I get (o yes, I am getting to be quite the grump), I refuse to grow up. I will still dance in the rain, jump in puddles and eat cake 🙂


Dancing in the Rain
Dance in the Rain & Jump in puddles

So – until next time – act your shoe size, not your age 🙂


(Mine are a size 4 by the way, just so you know what to expect).

Love from Jac xx

Bring on the Brights

Colour. Why should there be rules? I really believe there aren’t any. I know, I know – convention says other wise. “Blue and green should never be seen..” – you can’t wear pink with red because the clash. But you take a look at nature – the wild or your own garden. Colour everywhere. Blue flowers with green stems. Reds right next to pink. And do they clash.

No. They Don’t.

Natures Paint Palate
Natures Paint Palate

So – I for one and saying PFFFT (is that a word? – well it is now) to convention and bringing out the full colour palate.

You already see it in my artwork (I hope!) – no amount of colour is out of bounds there. But what about away from the studio? Well, I don’t know if it’s the effects of the summer sun, but my wardrobe has recently had a major injection of colour. And you know what – it makes me happy.

Colour really can affect your mood – make a dull day bright. Energise you. Calm you. Just try a pretty colourful dress, or a bright t-shirt – even just a scarf or a necklace in a colour you wouldn’t normally wear. It will make a difference, I’m sure.

And the more colour I add, the more colour I want to add. In fact – I am building a rather fabulous colour wheel of shoes! (any excuse!)

Who says shoes have to be boring?
Who says shoes have to be boring?

Shoes are a great mood enhancer. When I wear fun shoes and find myself feeling a bit low, I just look down 🙂

So – go on, who’s with me? Say Pfffft (honestly it is a word) to colour convention and Bring on the Brights 🙂

Till next time – Jac x