So, Who exactly is Jac?

Hello Everyone!

Thinking back, it seems some time ago since I introduced me (aka Jac) to you all – and since so many more people have joined me via the various social media channels (I believe that’s the technical term?) that I thought perhaps you’d like to know more about the person behind the drawing board. If nothing else it may help you understand the madness that is Jac’s Little Welsh Studio. Here I am…

This is Jac

I do hope I haven’t frightened too many of you off! Anyway – me, what can I say. Well, my actual name is Jackie, but it’s been shortened to Jac by so many people for so long that’s what I became 🙂

I love to draw. My parents will tell you, I first started drawing when I was about 2 or 3 yrs old. And they will take great delight in telling you that if I didn’t have paper, then the walls would do (oops).

So, all through childhood I drew. All the time. And then I went to college and I studied Illustration. And then… well, I stopped. I got a “proper” job, a mortgage, a car – all the lovely things you want when you are young.

Now, I’m not so young, and about 3 years ago I picked up a pencil again and started to doodle. Then I started to doodle some more – I posted one or two pages on my personal Facebook page, and a friend suggested I set up a page just for my drawings. And Jac’s Studio was born.

Nowadays, my most favourite thing is to lock myself in my studio, surrounded by my special items (toadstool, Teddy, inspiration board), with a cup of coffee (lots of coffee) and draw.

Jac's Studio

And I am lucky – people seem to like what I do, people like you have helped grow my business.

My most favourite thing about my business is that from my happy place, I can spread happiness, with my cheerful, colourful and positive pieces. Which leads me neatly to my motto “Making the World A Happier Place – One Doodle at a Time” .

I am one girl, on a mission to spread happiness 🙂

So please – connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest.

And, if you would like to buy something I would LOVE you to visit my online ETSY shop (or you can contact me to discuss a bespoke commission piece).

I know it’s a cliché – but you all are my inspiration. Connecting with people, them telling me what they are up to, what they like, what their day has been like – it all goes in Jac’s head – and out pops a doodle (well, maybe not instantly – but ideas come from being social)!

Well – that’s enough about me (for now) – hope to see you all soon.

Till next time,

Jac xx


The Power of Words

I know – I am an illustrator. I draw pictures…. a picture paints a thousand words and all that! But recently I’ve been thinking a lot about words – in fact they have even featured in recent doodles over at Jac’s Studio Facebook page (

Words can be so powerful. Words can support, they can show you care. Words tell stories. Words can hurt or they can heal. Whatever words are used – they are always powerful.

So for my doodles I’ve been focussing on positive words to share with everyone. The first – Hope – is now available as a print through my online shop ( and I hope (sorry, but you have to have hope 😉 ) to have several more available soon.

Have Hope

I am a firm believer in the phrase “one positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”. And that’s my plan – create lots of fabulous illustrated words for people to look at, carry with them, gaze at – whatever it takes for that word to help them through the day 🙂 What word would you choose…. why not let me know via Twitter or Facebook, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Until next time – Believe, Dream, Be Happy.

Love Jac x


So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Phew – it’s been busy these last few weeks. Lots of orders to complete – some really fun ones, which I can’t talk about yet as they are all surprises (don’t worry, I’ll share when I can!). And of course there was a lot of work getting my Etsy store open, as well as getting the website ready for you all to see. I hope you’ll agree the work was worth it.

So – this week I am planning a bit of a quieter time.  I have one or two commission on the go, and I am hoping to get some new stock items – and maybe make a start on a larger project (based on my Daily Doodles).

I also have a craft fair in June – so I need to think about what people would like to see there (crystal ball anyone!).

Mmm – so much for quiet times! The trouble is – so many ideas, so little time! If only I could doodle myself an extra day – that would be useful for all of us! Until then – I’d best stop tinkering with this blog and get on with some work. (Which of course you can follow on Facebook – do join me there if you haven’t already xx

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