Dreams versus Reality


It’s been a while (again). I realise my posts here can be quite eratic – To be honest I have struggled with what to say (which will shock some of you I know!), but, for various reasons, I feel I have found my voice again, so am giving it another go.


I thought I’d start at the beginning (always the best place I find) – Who am I?

Well, I’m Jackie (Jac), and I am an illustrator (oo sounds like a confession lol!)


So. An illustrator. That’s me. But what does that really mean?


Well in my head it means indulging my passion for drawing all day every day. Sitting at my pristine desk, in my pristine studio, surrounded by clean white furniture,  bunting and beautiful art work.


The view to the side of my drawing board
The view to the side of my drawing board

But then, I always have had a creative mind 😀



I don’t draw all day every day. I am a late starter. That basically means that by the time I set my heart on this path I had fallen into the conventional trap of job, house,car etc, etc.

Over the years I got used to leading a very pleasant life of a nice home, new cars, pretty shoes, dresses and eating out.

That costs money and the starving artist syereotype is not for me (and my hubby probably wouldn’t be keen either).  Sorry – I know – many people sacrifice all for their art, and perhaps if it was just me I would do that (maybe) – but it’s really not fair to take other people with me!


The need to maintain this pleasant lifestyle lead to me having a full time job, as well as my illustration work.

4 days a week I travel 100 miles round trip to be an Information Manager for an emergency services organisation. (the one with the big red trucks). It’s fun, rewarding and interesting work (for those that like that kind of thing :D)


Every day off I get, I spend in the studio. Ish.

I also might run a duster round the house occasionally, do the odd bit if shopping, drink a lot of coffee and eat a bit of cake, washing, ironing and all sorts of other “real life” tasks – you know, those things we all really don’t like but are a necessary evil to our civilised lifestyles.

If I could, every day off, I would be in that studio from dusk till dawn (and probably longer). And some days I am 🙂

I do try to draw every day though, be that working on a commission piece, something personal for my portfolio or just a very quick doodle in the sketchbook. (Those that follow me on social media will be familiar with my evening Daily Doodle slot).

Do I wish I didn’t have another job? Well, sometimes – if I am honest – sometimes I do think that. But,on the flip side, that income means I have time for the personal portfolio projects, I am not pressured into taking on every commision (like those I know my work woukd not suit so much).

It also gets me out, I work with some great people, which I would miss if it was just me and the four studio walls.

And what about that studio?  Is it pristine??  What do you think? Absolutely not!

It’s “lived in”,  “creative”…  Ok a little bit messy. But you have to have a dream don’t you!

Speaking of which, my dream is to illustrate children’s books… So, its back to the drawing board for me. A dragon awaits!


Dragon - personal project - work in progress
Dragon – personal project – work in progress

If you would like to see more of my work (the illustration side – not the information part!), then you can find me on:

Facebook – www.Facebook.com/JacsStudio

Twitter – www.Twitter.com/JacsStudio

Instagram – www.instagram.com/Jacs.Studio

Birthdays in December

Hello Everyone, how are you?


Sorry I missed last week – things have been rather busy here. Lot’s going on – what with a bathroom refit and Jac trying to prepare for Christmas.

It’s been noisy and dusty – and on some days very cold – but Jac says it will all be worth it when it’s finished. I hope she is right – my fur coat is gathering a lot of dust!

Drawing board wise – most work Jac has been doing has been Christmas related – lots of commissions, stocking up the Etsy shop and preparing for Christmas craft fairs (coming soon!).

But it’s not all Christmas – Jac reminded me today that people have birthday’s all year round – so she has been working on some birthday commissions too.

Don't forget those with December birthday!
Don’t forget those with December birthdays!

It’s going to be very busy over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and Instgram for updates! There will be gingerbread men (and ladies); donkeys and  many other characters, so do stay tuned. And of course, I’ll be back next week to tell you all about it 🙂

Till next time then,

Love from Theodore.E.Bear xxx

Taking it slow..

Hello again everyone – have you had a good week? It’s been very quiet here this week, as Jac was a bit poorly with a bad cold and couldn’t spend as much time as normal at the drawing board.

Don’t worry though, I looked after her wih plenty of hot honey and lemon drinks. As a bear, I recommend honey – I wasn’t so sure about the lemon, but Jac said it’s good for her, so I had to add a little really.

Although Jac wasn’t able to get on with orders as she woudl have liked, she was very excited when a man in a big van arrived with a giant box. Apparently it was full of new items for the studio shop. It’s all still being sorted out – but I did manage a sneaky peek and spotted bookmarks, mirrors and bags – all new deisgns I hadn’t seen before. Jac says I can’t tell you to much yet, but she will share pictures as soon as they are ready. (And they will all be added to the shop throughout the week).

She did say I could let you all know about the bookmarks – especially since she showed you the designs for those a while ago. There are cupcakes, and teapots and cats… not all on the same bookmark of course. You can see them all in more detail in The Little Welsh Studio shop – why not take a peek!

The lastest bookmark designs at The Little Welsh Studio
The lastest bookmark designs at The Little Welsh Studio

So – I guess it will be a bit busier this week as Jac catches up – so I better go now – but I’ll be back next week.

Love from Theodore.E.Bear (a.k.a Ted)

Alphabet Adventures

Hello again everyone 🙂

What a great week it’s been here in the studio. Jac has been kept busy with commissions and sending out packages from her Etsy shop.

She has also been working on a project to create an alphabet illustration, and has just started sketching ideas for the letter B. I am very excited, as I get to feature in some of those – and she took me to a ball pit for inspiration. That was great fun – it was just like a swimming pool – but instead of water (which gets my fur all soggy) it was full of brightly coloured balls. You can jump in them, hide in them, or just throw them around. I can’t wait to go again!

Ted.E.Bear, the ball pit and balloons
Ted.E.Bear loves to play!

Did you know that Jac publishes her sketches on her Facebook page? And – you can suggest ideas and sometimes she will turn your idea into one of her doodles. That’s what she is doing with the alphabet – she posts an idea most evenings. I think she will be starting on the letter C soon.

Today Jac went out without me (I was looking after the studio for her) – and met with some people who, like her, draw pictures and write stories. She said the meeting was really good – and that she has lots of ideas for new stories with me in them! I can’t wait to hear what she has in store – I’m sure she will let me tell you all about it at some point.

Well – that’s about this for now. Next week, Jac and I will be working on more commissions – which will involve something called Halloween. I am not sure what that is – but I am sure I will find out. Jac says it involves dressing up in costumes – which I always love to do. My favourite is my lion costume – maybe I can wear that this week (it’s nice and warm, it’s getting cold outside now).

Teddy, or lion?
Ted.E.Bear just loves dressing up!

Thanks for taking time to read my stories – I am really enjoying it.

Until next time


New Year, New Focus

Shame on me.


I have neglected this little blog for too long. What was I thinking!

Anyway – a new year seems a good time to make amends, so here I am. 2015 was a strange year for me. It’s been full of ups and downs – I won’t go into all that though – that’s just sooo last year 🙂

Things started to pick up for me towards the end of 2015, and I am now more positive and motivated than ever before.

This is the year to get Jac’s Little Welsh Studio to “the next level” (I’ve not yet decided exactly what that level is mind you – I promise you will be first to know when I find out!).

I have even made some new year resolutions. Ones I think I can actually keep. Crucially, I am not consciously giving up anything.

I am only doing more – smiling more, ready more, eating more healthily. By filling my life with good and positive habits I simply won’t have room for negativity and bad habits.

At last – resolutions I can stick to!

And I will still have the odd glass of something – and I will most certainly not be be giving up chocolate or coffee. A little bit in moderation is key I find.

So – here is to 2016 – may it be a healthy and happy year for all of my fabulous supporters.

Love Jac xxx

Everyone has to grow old…

This week I realised I must getting old… and not just because my hubby had another birthday. No, the clues were in my decision making…

  • I chose shoes for comfort
  • Clothes as they were warm
  • and started to look for a car that is……



  • ….practical (eek!). There, I said it.

Yep – a smidge of sensible is trying to sneak in. Just a smidge mind you…


I am keeping the heels and pretty shoes, and today I wore a dress because it was pretty (even though my legs were freezing).

And I haven’t swapped my little car (yet – that may be inevitable…) I will miss that little car 🙁

Mind you – I’ve also found that I am caring much less about what others think about those decisions.

My shoes may not be glamorous – but I can walk around for hours pain free.


My coat may not be as pretty as that little dress – but I probably look slightly prettier when not shivering and turning blue 😀

See - no shivering
See – no shivering

And the car. Well, mm, I’m still pondering that one. I do love my car – but it is very small, and it’s had a tough life for a little car, done a lot of miles.

Maybe it needs a break…. And, if I want to get Jac’s Studio out to the masses, I do need to fit quite a lot of stuff in, which can be a stuggle…. Let’s see what happens there I think.

BUT – no matter how old and grumpy I get (o yes, I am getting to be quite the grump), I refuse to grow up. I will still dance in the rain, jump in puddles and eat cake 🙂


Dancing in the Rain
Dance in the Rain & Jump in puddles

So – until next time – act your shoe size, not your age 🙂


(Mine are a size 4 by the way, just so you know what to expect).

Love from Jac xx

So, Who exactly is Jac?

Hello Everyone!

Thinking back, it seems some time ago since I introduced me (aka Jac) to you all – and since so many more people have joined me via the various social media channels (I believe that’s the technical term?) that I thought perhaps you’d like to know more about the person behind the drawing board. If nothing else it may help you understand the madness that is Jac’s Little Welsh Studio. Here I am…

This is Jac

I do hope I haven’t frightened too many of you off! Anyway – me, what can I say. Well, my actual name is Jackie, but it’s been shortened to Jac by so many people for so long that’s what I became 🙂

I love to draw. My parents will tell you, I first started drawing when I was about 2 or 3 yrs old. And they will take great delight in telling you that if I didn’t have paper, then the walls would do (oops).

So, all through childhood I drew. All the time. And then I went to college and I studied Illustration. And then… well, I stopped. I got a “proper” job, a mortgage, a car – all the lovely things you want when you are young.

Now, I’m not so young, and about 3 years ago I picked up a pencil again and started to doodle. Then I started to doodle some more – I posted one or two pages on my personal Facebook page, and a friend suggested I set up a page just for my drawings. And Jac’s Studio was born.

Nowadays, my most favourite thing is to lock myself in my studio, surrounded by my special items (toadstool, Teddy, inspiration board), with a cup of coffee (lots of coffee) and draw.

Jac's Studio

And I am lucky – people seem to like what I do, people like you have helped grow my business.

My most favourite thing about my business is that from my happy place, I can spread happiness, with my cheerful, colourful and positive pieces. Which leads me neatly to my motto “Making the World A Happier Place – One Doodle at a Time” .

I am one girl, on a mission to spread happiness 🙂

So please – connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest.

And, if you would like to buy something I would LOVE you to visit my online ETSY shop (or you can contact me to discuss a bespoke commission piece).

I know it’s a cliché – but you all are my inspiration. Connecting with people, them telling me what they are up to, what they like, what their day has been like – it all goes in Jac’s head – and out pops a doodle (well, maybe not instantly – but ideas come from being social)!

Well – that’s enough about me (for now) – hope to see you all soon.

Till next time,

Jac xx