Alphabet Adventures

Hello again everyone πŸ™‚

What a great week it’s been here in the studio. Jac has been kept busy with commissions and sending out packages from her Etsy shop.

She has also been working on a project to create an alphabet illustration, and has just started sketching ideas for the letter B. I am very excited, as I get to feature in some of those – and she took me to a ball pit for inspiration. That was great fun – it was just like a swimming pool – but instead of water (which gets my fur all soggy) it was full of brightly coloured balls. You can jump in them, hide in them, or just throw them around. I can’t wait to go again!

Ted.E.Bear, the ball pit and balloons
Ted.E.Bear loves to play!

Did you know that Jac publishes her sketches on her Facebook page? And – you can suggest ideas and sometimes she will turn your idea into one of her doodles. That’s what she is doing with the alphabet – she posts an idea most evenings. I think she will be starting on the letter C soon.

Today Jac went out without me (I was looking after the studio for her) – and met with some people who, like her, draw pictures and write stories. She said the meeting was really good – and that she has lots of ideas for new stories with me in them! I can’t wait to hear what she has in store – I’m sure she will let me tell you all about it at some point.

Well – that’s about this for now. Next week, Jac and I will be working on more commissions – which will involve something called Halloween. I am not sure what that is – but I am sure I will find out. Jac says it involves dressing up in costumes – which I always love to do. My favourite is my lion costume – maybe I can wear that this week (it’s nice and warm, it’s getting cold outside now).

Teddy, or lion?
Ted.E.Bear just loves dressing up!

Thanks for taking time to read my stories – I am really enjoying it.

Until next time


Stay Safe!

Hello All – and thank you for joining me again πŸ™‚ I must say I am enjoying writing Jac’s blog!

This week it was a bit wet here in South Wales, so we didn’t get out and about lots – but we did walk into town for our shopping. On the way, we saw lots of children on bikes wearing yellow vests. Jac explained they were learning how to be safe while riding their bikes on the road – like letting other people know where they are going by using their arms to signal what way they are turning, and learning to look behind them to see what is there.

I noticed they all had hard hats on – Jac told me Β these were called helmets, and said these are very important when you ride a bike (or scooter or skateboard). She explained that if I was to fall off, a helmet could help prevent me hurting my head so badly.

I don’t ride my bike very often, but I think I will always wear my helmet when I do.

Stay Safe whilst Cycling
Ted always wears a helmet when cycling – stay safe!

The rest of the week, Jac was busy working on commission work. She is a bit sad as she can’t share any of it yet (most are surprises for people’s Christmas) – but she has told me that this week she has an idea for a new project which you can all get involved with – so do check out Jac’s Studio Facebook page for details on that πŸ™‚ (And, if you are looking for gifts your self – do check out The Little Welsh Studio on Etsy)

Till next week then,

Love from Theodore.E.Bear (aka Ted)

(PS – Jac says thank you to Cycle Training Wales for her inspiration this week. She saw them out at least twice with two different schools – keep up the good work she says!)

Elephants and Santa hats

Hello All πŸ™‚ Wow – this week has flown by. Jac was very busy this week, so no time for adventures out and about – but most of the time being in the studio is enough adventure for this little Teddy Bear.

Always appreciate an elephant
Always Appreciate an Elephant!

For instance, on Thursday it was Elephant Appreciation Day – and I got to meet a new friend. I do love elephants, and it’s very sad to think that people still hunt them for their beautiful ivory tusks. I hope my new friend stays safe out there.

Later in the week Jac was very excited, as she received a big box from the postman. Turns out this was new stock for her shop, featuring more of my studio friends. Some had funny hats on – Jac explained they were for Christmas and has promised I can have one soon πŸ™‚

I tried to chat to the Little Mouse – but she was very busy sewing!

The Little Sewing Mouse
A little mouse sewing something special.

Jac’s also been working on more new ideas – she says it’s important to draw every day, to keep creating. She says it helps to keep her mind active, and also helps her to relax.

Apparently humans are prone to something called stress. I don’t think it’s something Teddy Bears suffer from much– we try not to worry about things. Jac says she could learn a few things from me!

Anyway – no more news for now – but you can tell how busy it’s been. Jac says this week she will be working on Christmas orders, and new ideas for gifts. There seems to be lots of cake and food ideas in her sketchbook, so I am looking forward to what she has in mind!

So – don’t forget to keep up with my adventures with Jac on Facebook and Instagram, there is always something happening in The Little Welsh Studio. (Oh, and Jac says to remind you that there are lots of things ready to post in her Etsy shop!)

Till next week then – lots of love

Theodore.E.Bear (Ted) xx

A trip to the dentist…

Hello again everyone. Theodore E Bear here (you can call me Ted).

So – what has happened this week?

Well – Jac has been as busy as ever, she has been working on commission pieces, and has sent new designs off to be printed (she says she will share them as soon as they arrive).

In amongst that we went somewhere I haven’t been before – we had to go to the dentist.

When we arrived I was a little bit scared, as there were lots of strange noises – loud noises like a drill!

We waited in a big room with lots of other people, until a nice lady with a clip board called my name – then I had to go into a different room, (Jac came with me, I was too scared to go myself.)

Inside that room there was a man who had a mask over his face – I thought he was a doctor, but Jac explained he was the dentist. That is a special kind of doctor that helps us look after our teeth.

Ted isn't scared of the dentist anymore
Ted thought the Dentist was scary, but he was actually a very nice man.

I had to sit on a big chair – and it moved (I liked that it was fun πŸ™‚ ), then I had to open my mouth so the dentist could see inside – he even made me stick my tongue out – it felt really funny!

After that, he said my teeth were all fine – but said I maybe shouldn’t eat so many sugary cakes πŸ™

He explained that if I look after my teeth I shouldn’t have to go back for a long time, so Jac got me a toothbrush and toothpaste, and taught me how to brush my teeth properly. Now I brush my teeth every morning and also before I go to bed – for a whole two minutes.

Ted's First Toothbrush
Ted has learnt the importance of looking after his teeth

Jac says if I keep doing that it will be good as everyone will always see my nice bright smile πŸ™‚

So now it’s another new week – I wonder what adventures Jac and I will have this time? Do check back next week.

PS – if you can’t wait that long – you can follow Jac’s adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Oh and I have my very own board on Jac’s Pinterest page now too!

PPS – Please remember you can buy picture of me (and all Jac’s characters!) on Etsy too xx

Mmmm – Food, Glorious Food

Well – my quest to lead a simpler, happy life continues. Over the last week, my simple pleasure has been food – cooking and enjoy good home made and wholesome food.

I think most people who have followed Jac’s antics for a while have already realised that I rather like food (especially sweet things like cake and chocolate), and I have always enjoyed cooking. But when life starts to get hectic, it’s all too easy to turn to convenience food – chuck in a jar of sauce here and there, the ping of the microwave – that style of β€œcooking” has been more common at Chez Evans recently than the sound of vegetable chopping, or onions sizzling.

But then I read an article on the web (the BBC Dish it up website), which made me realise I could really be missing out.

According to that article, the amount of time we spend cooking has almost halved since 1993, During the same period, the number of stress-connected illnesses has doubled.

Could there be a link I wondered?

So – I set myself a challenge to only use fresh ingredients, to make every meal from scratch. Yes, I thought, it might be a struggle (I do have a β€œday job” as well as running the studio) – I may have to be more organised – but, it had to be worth a go. And wow- has it been worth it! I rediscovered my love of pottering around the kitchen (U found that I kept the kitchen tidier had more pride in it) and produced some lovely meals – all of which I believe tasted so much better than their more processed alternatives.

And most recipes were surprisingly quick – they didn’t take any more time than the jar of sauce option

I even had a go at baking (yes – me!). OK – it was only flapjack – Mary Berry need not feel threatened just yet. But, even if I do say so myself it was rather nice – and without any nasty additives!

I am now not only more relaxed but have more energy – so more time in the studio. And Ted loves it too!

So go on – give cooking a whirl if you have been stuck in a fast food rut – you may surprise yourself! And if you need added incentive – you can burn calories while you cook (43 every 15mins according to the same BBC website – I reckon it could be more if you dance round the kitchen at the same time!)

Ted loves cooking
Ted enjoyed my cooking challenge

Next week – the challenge to walk more – whatever the weather.

See you then – Love Jac xx

Still De-Choxing – please don’t tempt!

Well – I have made it half way through the first week of my De-Chox challenge, to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. The first couple of days were no real challenge, but as the week goes on I am finding it more difficult. (but it’s OK, as Ted is holding all the chocolate hostage until the challenge is over).

Ted’s holding all my chocolate to ransom

Supermarkets – they are the worst. Everywhere you look there is chocolate – especially at this time of year: those great big shiny Easter eggs keep calling. (The worse thing is I normally don’t bother with Easter Eggs at all!)

But the donations so far are really helping. Yesterday I sneaked just over my original Β£150 target – so now aiming for Β£200 as I’ve still a few people I can β€œpersuade” I think. (O and I must thank my dentist Warren Davies for his contribution – this has to be one challenge dentists can really approve of!)

Studio wise it’s busy too – my first notebooks practically flew out the door, so will be making more of those ASAP – and my hand painted keyrings are proving popular too, which is great.

I have a craft fair this weekend in my home town of Llanelli – really look forward to that. (Do get in touch if you’d like more info on that).

Anyway – lots to do – so will get on now. Speak to you all soon, and for more regular updates do follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks, Jac xx

Confessions of a Choc-aholic..

O my goodness – first of all I must apologise for the lack of activity on my blog. Since Christmas Jac has been super busy with commissions and developing new product lines for all you lovely people. So – Happy New Year to you all!

OK then – down to business – why have I suddenly decided to write to you now? Well – because my writers block has finally gone and I have something worth talking about πŸ™‚ (In my view anyway :D).

I wanted to tell you about my latest challenge. It’s not an illustration – or in fact anything to do with that.

No – it’s far more challenging. And it’s for charity (so no backing out!).

From March 1st – 31st, a whole month, I am giving up….. CHOCOLATE.

Yep – me. A confirmed choc-aholic, giving up chocolate, as part of the Dechox in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

And I will take you on that journey with me (aren’t you lucky!)

But – I shall be starting to blog from today, so that this week you can see just how much I love chocolate and how hard this will be for me.

At the moment I have chocolate every day – so far today I have had 2 triple chocolate cookies… and already have my 4 squares of after dinner chocolate ready….

OhΒ dear, what have signed myself up for (the reality has set in!).

Please do follow this blog, and check out my Facebook page for updates on how everything is going, and if you would like to donate to this brilliant cause you can find my sponsorship page here : Jac’s DeChox

Any donation, no matter how much, can make a huge difference, so thank youΒ in advance

Love from JacΒ  xx

(PS – Ted will not be joining in)

Phew! It’s Christmas (almost!)

Phew – what a busy few weeks! I do apologise for neglecting all my Blog followers – and I must thank Ted for stepping in last week (I couldn’t do this job without him!)

It’s been Christmas in the studio since August – but these last 2-3 weeks have been the busiest, with commission pieces and preparations for craft fairs.

Strangely though, I have not done that many traditional Christmas items this year. So far I’ve drawn festive pigs, giraffes, cats, dragonflies and of course – bears. (No occasion would be completed without an appearance from Ted now would it). And that’s just a sample of things I have been asked to create – it’s such an honour being able to make Christmas special for people.

Now it is starting to calm down. My order books are closed for bespoke items, so that I can focus on those I have and get them to my customers in plenty of time for the big day.

In the meantime I will be promoting my ready to post items, available in my ESTY shop (The Little Welsh Studio) – so still time for people to grab an original Jac card or illustration: or something printed with one of my designs.

This Candy Cane Mug features a design by Jackie Evans of Jac's Little Welsh Studio
This Candy Cane Mug features a design by Jackie Evans of Jac’s Little Welsh Studio

I love Christmas – yet, despite being immersed in the season for so long I don’t feel very festive myself, and still have almost all of my Christmas shopping to do (eek!). Thank goodness for online ordering – whatever did we do before the internet. So – I’d better go and start browsing fellow online business pages to see what’s on offer. And if you are one of those – do visit me on Facebook or twitter and let me know what you have to offer!

Ted’s Austrian Adventure – Part One

Dear Diary

Well – here I am in St Johan in Tirol in very lovely Austria. It looks a bit like Wales – only with more space and bigger mountains. We travelled here by train – and we got to stop in Brussels, and a place in Germany called Lindau (I might write about that another day if Jac says it’s OK).

So – today, Jac told me we were going for a long walk, to a place called Kitzbuhl – but she told me not to worry because this was a fairly flat walk, so it wouldn’t be too hard for my first time out.

It was a bit cloudy, but not too bad. I watched Jac pack bottles of water, sandwiches and waterproof clothes into a big rucksack (for Mr E to carry πŸ™‚ ). Jac says you must always take those things, because you never know what the weather will be like later, especially up in the mountains.

And off we went – it was really pretty. All the houses there are lovely – so many are covered in pretty flowers in really bright colours. All was going well until about 4 miles in. Then it started to rain. Then rained harder – and harder. Luckily, we passed through a village during this shower, so we popped into a coffee shop – where Jac treated me to aΒ Hot Chocolate with cream on – yummy.

But when we had finished it was still raining really hard – Mr E spotted a bus stop, so we decided to take the bus to Kitzbuhl to dry off a bit.

Once we got there we hadΒ  a fab luch – me and Jac had Kaseplatz (a bit like macaroni cheese) and Mr E had a Berner Wurt (hot dog sausages stuffed with cheese and then wrapped in bacon). They looked yummy.

By then, the rain had stopped – and the sun was even trying to come out, so we all agreed we’d walk back. Off we went – at first it was up a big steep hill, which I found very hard, but eventually it levelled iff and there was a great view of the town below. Then – about 2 mile sin the rain started – and like before it got heavier and heavier. Jac said we had never been so wet – and said she would never trust weather apps again.

But – we kept going, and were soon back in our nice warm apartment dryning off – ready for another day.

I really enjoyed my first day walking – I can’t wait to do more.

Ta Ta for now – Love Ted xx

Ted's motto for walking trips - be prepared!