Taking it slow..

Hello again everyone – have you had a good week? It’s been very quiet here this week, as Jac was a bit poorly with a bad cold and couldn’t spend as much time as normal at the drawing board.

Don’t worry though, I looked after her wih plenty of hot honey and lemon drinks. As a bear, I recommend honey – I wasn’t so sure about the lemon, but Jac said it’s good for her, so I had to add a little really.

Although Jac wasn’t able to get on with orders as she woudl have liked, she was very excited when a man in a big van arrived with a giant box. Apparently it was full of new items for the studio shop. It’s all still being sorted out – but I did manage a sneaky peek and spotted bookmarks, mirrors and bags – all new deisgns I hadn’t seen before. Jac says I can’t tell you to much yet, but she will share pictures as soon as they are ready. (And they will all be added to the shop throughout the week).

She did say I could let you all know about the bookmarks – especially since she showed you the designs for those a while ago. There are cupcakes, and teapots and cats… not all on the same bookmark of course. You can see them all in more detail in The Little Welsh Studio shop – why not take a peek!

The lastest bookmark designs at The Little Welsh Studio
The lastest bookmark designs at The Little Welsh Studio

So – I guess it will be a bit busier this week as Jac catches up – so I better go now – but I’ll be back next week.

Love from Theodore.E.Bear (a.k.a Ted)

Stay Safe!

Hello All – and thank you for joining me again 🙂 I must say I am enjoying writing Jac’s blog!

This week it was a bit wet here in South Wales, so we didn’t get out and about lots – but we did walk into town for our shopping. On the way, we saw lots of children on bikes wearing yellow vests. Jac explained they were learning how to be safe while riding their bikes on the road – like letting other people know where they are going by using their arms to signal what way they are turning, and learning to look behind them to see what is there.

I noticed they all had hard hats on – Jac told me  these were called helmets, and said these are very important when you ride a bike (or scooter or skateboard). She explained that if I was to fall off, a helmet could help prevent me hurting my head so badly.

I don’t ride my bike very often, but I think I will always wear my helmet when I do.

Stay Safe whilst Cycling
Ted always wears a helmet when cycling – stay safe!

The rest of the week, Jac was busy working on commission work. She is a bit sad as she can’t share any of it yet (most are surprises for people’s Christmas) – but she has told me that this week she has an idea for a new project which you can all get involved with – so do check out Jac’s Studio Facebook page for details on that 🙂 (And, if you are looking for gifts your self – do check out The Little Welsh Studio on Etsy)

Till next week then,

Love from Theodore.E.Bear (aka Ted)

(PS – Jac says thank you to Cycle Training Wales for her inspiration this week. She saw them out at least twice with two different schools – keep up the good work she says!)

Elephants and Santa hats

Hello All 🙂 Wow – this week has flown by. Jac was very busy this week, so no time for adventures out and about – but most of the time being in the studio is enough adventure for this little Teddy Bear.

Always appreciate an elephant
Always Appreciate an Elephant!

For instance, on Thursday it was Elephant Appreciation Day – and I got to meet a new friend. I do love elephants, and it’s very sad to think that people still hunt them for their beautiful ivory tusks. I hope my new friend stays safe out there.

Later in the week Jac was very excited, as she received a big box from the postman. Turns out this was new stock for her shop, featuring more of my studio friends. Some had funny hats on – Jac explained they were for Christmas and has promised I can have one soon 🙂

I tried to chat to the Little Mouse – but she was very busy sewing!

The Little Sewing Mouse
A little mouse sewing something special.

Jac’s also been working on more new ideas – she says it’s important to draw every day, to keep creating. She says it helps to keep her mind active, and also helps her to relax.

Apparently humans are prone to something called stress. I don’t think it’s something Teddy Bears suffer from much– we try not to worry about things. Jac says she could learn a few things from me!

Anyway – no more news for now – but you can tell how busy it’s been. Jac says this week she will be working on Christmas orders, and new ideas for gifts. There seems to be lots of cake and food ideas in her sketchbook, so I am looking forward to what she has in mind!

So – don’t forget to keep up with my adventures with Jac on Facebook and Instagram, there is always something happening in The Little Welsh Studio. (Oh, and Jac says to remind you that there are lots of things ready to post in her Etsy shop!)

Till next week then – lots of love

Theodore.E.Bear (Ted) xx

Introducing – Theodore.E.Bear

Hello 🙂

I am Theodore Edward Bear. (Ted.E.Bear or Ted for short). I live in a small town in South West Wales, home to the Little Welsh Studio.

Ted.E.Bear a character created by Jackie Evans, Illustrator
Hi – I’m Ted.E.Bear

I live with Jackie (most people call her Jac). That’s her legs in the picture (I am not a very tall bear).

Jac owns the Little Welsh Studio, and is an illustrator – which means she draws pictures for people. (You might have seen me in some of them). Sometimes she get very busy, and so doesn’t get time to update her blog as often as she would like to.

That’s where I step in. To be honest, as a Teddy Bear, I wasn’t really sure what a blog was – but Jac explained it’s a way of telling stories to people so that they can read it on their phone or computer.

I really like stories, so I offered to help out by writing the occasional tale.

I am not sure exactly what I will write, but I do love adventures. And I have lots of friends here in the studio – like Tarquin the Turtle and Doodle the Mouse, so I am sure I will be able to find something for all of you.

I plan to write my first proper story later this week – so do pop back to see what my friends and I have been up to. (I’ll ask Jac to let you all know when it’s ready, I know she uses things called Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so I am sure you will find me).

So – I’ll sign off for now – look forward to seeing you all.

Lots of Love

Theodore. E . Bear (Ted).

Less is More

Those who follow Jac on Facebook will know that changes are afoot.

This week, I have spent time creating a more structured business plan, so that the studio can build in the best way (rather than the rather haphazard way that has been followed to date!). I’ll be writing more about that I am sure.

I also plan some personal changes. Like many people after a short break, I have found that I may just have to go on a … DIET (sorry, scary word).

But being me, I have decided not to do an ordinary diet, where you eat less and can’t have this or that. No, I am trying the MORE diet. (I’m not sure if it’s an official type of diet, it may be my own creation).

Technically it’s exactly the same, but the emphasis is on what I CAN have, not what I can’t.

So, I shall be eating more vegetables, more fruit, more good wholeseome food. I shall be drinking more water. I shall be more active. I shall try to get more sleep, and fit it more relaxation time.

So by thinking MORE, the less will seems less difficult – in fact it should just happen. As I eat more whole foods and keep moving, I won’t want all the bad stuff quite so much.

(Of course, if I do want the occasional cake, I may just allow myself one – but then I will do much more exercise!)

I may have an occasional cake
I may have an occasional cake

O and don’t think Ted is getting away with it either – a little bit of an overhaul is due there. I have ideas for that loveable bear – I think he needs to start paying his way… (more of that another day).

So – I’m off for healthy snack.

Until next time then,

With Love from Jac xx

Ted’s Austrian Adventure – Part Two

Well – Jac’s allowed me to publish another page from my journal from when we went to Austria, so I guess you enjoyed the last one?

So – as you might remember from my last entry, it was a bit wet in the Austrian Tyrol and on this particular day we’d all had enough of walking in the rain. Jac and Mr E decided to go swimming (yes – swimming – can you get any wetter!?)

I didn’t really want to go – as I was worried about getting my fur wet again, but Jac promised there would be fur dryers at the pool, so, we packed up our bathing suits and towels and off we went.

The pool was amazing. It was a big pool, with lots of loungers around it so you could relax – and you could swim to the outside. That outside pool was really warm, but you could feel the rain on your head and face – it felt funny 🙂

It also had lots of squirty bits and bubbly bits that went off randomly – it made a few people jump which made me laugh.

After a bit – Jac said she wanted to go to the other pool that we could see – a huge big one – properly outside. Mr E and I stayed in the nice warm pool and giggled as we watched Jac run in the rain in her swim suit – and then as she pulled some funny faces getting into the big pool (apparently that one wasn’t heated :D).

Mr E and I were still laughing after she came back to the warm pool – Jac didn’t see what was so funny!

That was the first time I’d been swimming – and I really liked it. Even better, we got to have coffee and cake afterwards – I hope it’s always like that! (O and there was a fur dryer, so I was warm and fluffy afterwards).

Anyway – that’s all from me for today. Until next time…


Ted in bathers

Ta Ta from Ted xx