Wow – what a week it’s been. I think this is the busiest week so far for The Little Welsh Studio – and I am loving it!

I have spent a lot of time recently working on promoting my business – and it looks as if all that hard work is starting to pay off. And, as its my passion, none of it feels like work at all! (well – OK – not strictly true – the paperwork side isn’t my favourite, but has to be done 🙂 ).

As well as having lots of bespoke orders, I’ve also said good bye to a lot of my ready to post items – sending to destinations such as Malta and the USA (Yep – I’ve gone global :D). I really need to get creating!

Please understand – I’m not trying to brag here. I simply believe that it is important for people to acknowledge and celebrate their success – every time – no matter how big or small that success is.

It could be that you got up early and walked to work instead of catching a bus,  it could be losing 1lb at a slimming club – it could be geting a new job. It doesn’t matter the size of the achievement – it’s ALL positive.

And when you celebrate every success, every achivement – record it somewhere, tell someone about  it, whatever you choose it makes you happy. It motivates you. It motivates you to do something else. To move forward, even a tiny step.

And that’s what I shall continue to do. I may lead a busy life. Sometimes I may not feel like I have enough hours in the day. But even if I have just 5 minutes that day to work towards my goal , then that 5 mins is the most valuable 5 minutes in a 24 hr period.

So – keep going. Take note of the positives – they will soon wipe out the negatives. And if you do have a bad day – think back to a recent success and remember how you felt – knowing that you will feel like that again.

As I have alway said – when life gives you lemons, there are so many things you can you can do with them!

When Life Gives you Lemons
When life gives you lemons – there is so much you can do with them!


Till next time folks – keep smiling!

(And if you would like to see what items I have ready to post, do pop and visit my Etsy shop – The Little Welsh Studio, or if you would like to see more examples of my work – check out my Facebook and Instagram pages)

Love Jac xx

Time… (again).

It seems I am often talking about time and how there just isn’t enough of it… and today, much of it was wasted. I spent a whole morning waiting, just hanging around…

At first I didn’t mind. I mean – I had booked the car in for a service, I expected an hour, and hour and a half maybe…

I went for a stroll. Had a coffee. Did a bit of shopping, strolled a bit more. Had another coffee (with cake..) by which time 2 hrs had passed – and still no word.

Enjoying Life
Coffee is better with cake

I checked the phone – one teeny signal bar.

“O no – what maybe they haven’t been able to reach me I thought” (they did promise to update me…), so I strolled over to check. “How long will it be” I asked.

“We don’t know. As long as it takes….” they said.

That was when I got really annoyed – but, being very British, I simply said – “o that’s Ok”…. “‘I’ll wait”

… fakes smile and takes seat in waiting room.

4 hrs.

That’s how long I waited.

It felt like a lifetime (didn’t help that my phone battery died).

But I survived.

And if I hadn’t had to wait, I wouldn’t have seen the glorious daisy displays at the side of the road, I wouldn’t have had a lovely slice of carrot cake. O, and I wouldn’t have time to jot down this blog!

Daisies just make me smile.
Daisies just make me smile.

OK – so I am a little behind in a few tasks – but only a little – and I will catch up in the end.

So I guess what I am saying is, there is always time – we just have to make it 🙂

Till next time then 🙂

Love Jac xx

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Hello February!

Well hello February! It seems only yesterday we were welcoming in the New Year….

It’s been a great start to the year – I think I mentioned last time that January was going to be busy with orders, and it looks like February is starting off the same way. Time really does fly when you are having fun.

So what is the plan this month?

Well – I’m working a number of card orders, for lots of different occasions. And I have stock to build up for a craft fair later this month at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. (Their St David’s Day event is on the 28th February, it would be amazing to see some of you there).

So far, I have orders for bunny rabbits, hedgehogs and frogs, and have an idea for some fruit and vegetable characters. You can, as always follow my progress on my Facebook page – and I’ll try to get some pictures on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. (there really is no escaping me now!).

Example of introductory bundle
Example of introductory bundle

Today I’m e-mailing the February colour sheet to the members of Jac’s Colouring Club – you can sign up to that any time, do contact me for further information.

So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Phew – it’s been busy these last few weeks. Lots of orders to complete – some really fun ones, which I can’t talk about yet as they are all surprises (don’t worry, I’ll share when I can!). And of course there was a lot of work getting my Etsy store open, as well as getting the website ready for you all to see. I hope you’ll agree the work was worth it.

So – this week I am planning a bit of a quieter time.  I have one or two commission on the go, and I am hoping to get some new stock items – and maybe make a start on a larger project (based on my Daily Doodles).

I also have a craft fair in June – so I need to think about what people would like to see there (crystal ball anyone!).

Mmm – so much for quiet times! The trouble is – so many ideas, so little time! If only I could doodle myself an extra day – that would be useful for all of us! Until then – I’d best stop tinkering with this blog and get on with some work. (Which of course you can follow on Facebook – do join me there if you haven’t already xx  https://www.facebook.com/JacsStudio

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