The Creative Mind…

Having a creative mind is great. It helps me see the good in things – I’ll notice a patch of blue sky on a dull day, the bright green of grass when it rains. I see shapes in the clouds (something my other half scoffs at often – not so much of a creative mind there – very logical – one of us has to be!).

The downside of a creative brain is that it’s always whirring, and it’s very difficult to slow it down! My mind is almost constantly thinking of new ideas for doodles and illustrations.

My artwork is done in stages – I draw it, then add watercolour, which has to dry….. and while it dries, I’ll draw something else…. and so it goes. I’ll normally have at least 3 on the go at one time.

But – the creative mind is also unpredictable. Sometimes I start a piece, but just can’t get the oomph to complete it, or I will have a busy spell with commissions, so I don’t get back to the personal pieces for a while. They sit there waiting for me.

Last weekend, I had a bit of clear out in the studio and found a box of those half finished pieces. It was quite exciting, looking through them – some I’d forgotten all about, some were just started, some almost complete.

Peek a Boo!
Peek a Boo!

So my challenge at the moment is to finish them all, and get them ready for sale (no good to anyone in the drawer!).

This little piggy...
This little piggy…

I’ll be posting each one on my Facebook page as I finish it so please do keep an eye out on there. And if you see one you like, just message me. (Or if you would like to commission your very own original piece, so please get in touch).

Until next time

Jac xx

And Stretch….

Hello Again – lovely to see you back. Hope you’ve got a lovely cuppa, and maybe a slice of cake to see you through my latest witterings!

It’s been soooo busy recently – the time just seems to be flying by!

I have been beavering away at special orders – many for Fathers Day, which I will reveal after that date (can’t spoil the surprise for the dad’s now can we!). I’ve been doing my Daily Doodles just with Dad’s in mind too – mm, we ladies are truly spoiling our men folk I think!

But what about Jac…. I mentioned I had a few personal projects in mind – well I’ve barely started them. Well – actually I’m having difficultly deciding which to progress. So I am going to start two (yes 2!!) and see how that goes. (Slowly I imagine).

My intention is to share their progress for you – so that you can see just what goes into a Jac masterpiece. Both will be based on previous Daily Doodles – but will be done using slightly different techniques (so no repeat blogs – you get enough of that on the telly).

The first is going to be a larger piece based on my Under The Sea Theme. This one will require a watercolour base – which meant stretching paper (see conveniently situated photo!).

Stretched out
Stretching Paper

Stretching out the paper involves a wet sheet of watercolour paper and some gummed tape. The tape is used to secure the wet paper to a drawing board – as the paper dries it stretches, so that when I start painting on the paper doesn’t buckle.

Now that I have a pristine blank “canvas” I am ready to start. Next stage will be the sketches for the piece…. but that’s for another blog!

The second piece is from a doodle I did some time ago of an owl – I’m going to do this entirely in coloured pencil – something I haven’t done since my college days. No special preparation for this – just a drawing pad and my pencils….. (and some free time!).

Twit Twoo owl doodle
Twit Twoo!

 Can’t wait to get going 🙂 I’ll make sure I keep you updated through this blog, so do stay tuned!

Jac xx

Oodles of Doodles

Fans of Jac’s Little Welsh Studio will know that Jac just loves to doodle – from alphabet letters to Halloween themes, from the farmyard to the circus I do at least one doodle every day. Just for fun.

Why? To make people smile – and why not?

My doodles are different from my “normal” illustrations. They are simpler, quicker and done with little or no preparation! I think them, I draw them, I colour them. Simples! Each one is unique (no matter how hard I work, I’d never get two the same) and normally done in watercolour – with occasional detail in pencil. Every one is published on my Facebook page, so do check that out too!

Windswept Sheep
A refreshing breeze!