Last time, I told you about my hibernation habits (otherwise known as doing too much for too long, till the body says stop.)


Well, one way I stop is to draw.

Yes, I know – that is also “work”. I am paid (by my extremely lovely customers) to draw. But it doesn’t feel like work.


More importantly – I have to sit still(ish) while I do it.   And I need to concentrate on what I am doing.  As a resuly, my mind focuses on that one thing.


It may be a penguin, a dog, a bear or a toadstool. But at that moment, I am focussed completely on that one thing.


It’s my time. All the conflicting voices are shut down – there is no room for them.


I can get completely immersed in the work – I will sometimes forget to go cook tea (my poor long suffering husband can testify to that) – but that just shows how much I am enjoying it.


To me – it’s like a meditation – mindfulness. (I do practice mindfulness meditation too). It forces me to slow down.


Without my drawing, my world would be in a constant spin – a massive merry-go-round with no stop button.


So – I want to say thank you! Thank you for following me, liking my work – buying my work. It has encouraged me to keep going – and has undoubtedly been good for me too!


And I love that someone, somewhere out there, smiles when they see one of my pictures 🙂


OK then – I am off to paint some toadstools

Magic Pencils

Jac wants to bring happiness to the world through her work.

Till next time,

Love Jac xxx

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